10 Times Presidential Candidates Showed Striking Resemblances To Game Of Thrones Characters!


The similarities are shocking! Here we have extremely resembling connections between Game of Thrones leaders and the presidential candidates. Like it or hate it all you want but just don't let this list change your final decision when you hit the polls. Just a heads up! =)

These guys are both big-heads. They believe they are better than everyone else for no reason at all!

They love to inflame crowds with violence and hate.

They do not have sufficient education and experience to rule.

Well, what about Bernie and Khaleesi? They are both obsessed with justice and equality.

And they are both foreigners.

And sadly, they just can't get enough support from oppressed racial minorities.

These girls are both married to the previous rulers.

And no one really likes them but their husbands.

But eventually they always get what they want. In Hillary's case, we can only make a wild guess for now...

Wow, these guys might be the most dangerous ones... A forthcoming danger. They can kill thousands of people and don't give a sh.t about it.

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