10 Things You Should NEVER Do On A First Date!


Let's face it. Dating is a difficult game. If you have a hard time getting the second date, you might be doing something wrong. Have look at this list before you go on a first date!

1. Do not mention sex.

You should consider your first date as a warm up session. Avoid talking about sex. It should be the topic of your follow up dates.

2. Don't bring your ex to the date.

Previous relationships are not the ideal topic for first dates. If you're still not over your EX, at least don't talk about them during your first date.

3. Leave your mom behind.

Do not talk about how your mother loves you or how you enjoy doing things together. Don't do it, because it is not necessary!

4. Do not talk about your problems.

Don't talk about your problems; keep them to yourself. You don't have to talk about your traumatic memories on your first date. Keep it simple.

5. Do not interrogate your date.

We know you want to find out everything about your date. Does he have a place? Does she have a car? How much do they make? You'll have plenty of time to figure out these mysteries. Be patient.

6. If you have to criticize, don't say it out loud.

It's possible that you and your date have opposing ideas. Their clothing style might not fancy you. There will be differences, so be prepared. Try not to talk about these at first. You are both trying to get to know each other.

7. Do not confess your love.

Try to keep your feelings to yourself on the first date. You might have been talking online for 2 months, and that's okay. However, try not to overreact at the beginning.

8. Don't talk about your weird habits.

Everyone has these weird habits. You don't have to explain all of them on your first date.

9. Be yourself.

Be careful, but don't hide who you actually are just to impress your date.

10. Don't make awkward jokes.

If you are not talented at this, avoid making too many jokes. Forcing things won't help you.

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