10 Things You Must Know About The Rising California Syndrome!


For beginners, the summary of California Syndrome is: A behavioral pattern characterized by an obsessive concern regarding health, especially nutrition, but contrasted by a lack of regard for, or lazy attitude toward, obvious safety practices, often afflicting Indie Rock singers and free-spirits of our age.

1. The land of the rich...

California hosts world giants like Google, Yahoo, Oracle, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Intel, Hp and more. According to 2011 reports, the state generated more than 2 TRILLION DOLLARS! 

This makes California one of the 10 strongest economies in the world, surpassing lots and lots of countries. 

Today, 1 out of 6 babies born in United States are born Californian and 1 out of 8 Americans choose California to live.

2. Why is it called California Syndrome?

Psychiatrists report a massive spike in egoism, loneliness, unhappiness, addiction to gambling, spending etc. US psychiatrists chose California to name this complete group of syndromes as its the place where consumption and pleasure have reached their peak!

3. 3 main symptoms...

  • Laziness

  • Selfishness

  • Loneliness

All the effected people are also unhappy.

4. Humane matters mean nothing anymore...

Experts say that California Syndrome creates a generation of people who only focus on themselves and ignore all others. As a result, all other matters lose their priority and importance. These people also spend money ONLY on themselves.

5. It's quite common in the business world

These people have trouble finding what they really seek when it comes to career and end up changing jobs every 6-7 months. 

Since they're too focused on themselves, their communication skills are considerably low and they want to exist in the biz world with no effort spent.

Even constructive criticism will be considered aggressive and insulting since they consider themselves to be perfect. This will result in unnecessary arguments and tension in the environment. The effort to put themselves on display is liberating at times but often ends in extreme disappointment and alienation.

6. Lifestyle is the source of the syndrome

Here are the common lifestyle examples of people with California Syndrome: 

  • Fun, bodily pleasures, the ambition to earn more money and reckless spending are the foundations of their lives.

  • People live to consume.

  • You try to cure your exhaustion with more exhausting activities. As in more fun, more parties more spendings. 

  • Constant social activities and partying creates a certain need to produce and consume more. 

  • You always need to consume and party more and more. There's no end to it.

7. Fake lives, corrupted thoughts...

  • These people have already stopped caring about others. They won't care if millions of people starve to death.

  • The whole narcissism concept has become a fetish.

  • Things that please them are good things; all other things are bad things. 

  • You live to have fun and for earthly pleasures.

  • If they ever succeed, all the people around them are usually fakers.

  • Men get lonely after losing power. For women, its beauty.

8. Sex is the cure to unhappiness. Or is it...?

These people feel closer to sex and fun to get rid of the bad feelings/unhappy states. Furthermore, they create this sense of only consuming and consuming for fun, without giving a single f*ck about people and the community. This will eventually be the end of our society.

9. Loneliness is here to stay...

Loneliness becomes a lifestyle for sure. This is why they chose bodily pleasures to cure their loneliness. However, all of these are temporary and the human body will fail at some point. Henry Ford's son, Edsel, summed the whole thing up by saying life doesn't make sense anymore, after having tasted almost everything there is.

10. Solution?

These people can start changing themselves and society before their body gives up. Setting small goals and trying to do things for others will be the beginning of a whole new journey. If not, their life, stuck between materialism and pleasure, will be lost completely.

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