10 Things To Look Out For On His Instagram Profile


It's your right to stalk your crush ferociously on Instagram! There is nothing wrong with that. Thanks to social media, you can gather a lot of information about other people without even talking to them in person. If you have questions about a guy you like, start by analyzing his IG photos. Here are 10 things you should look for on his profile to live happily ever after (with him or without him) !

Source: http://elitedaily.com

1. Don't underestimate the number of followers! Don't get us wrong, but if he has over 1,000 followers, chances are he has plenty of women around him.


You can evaluate his behavior by leaving a slightly flirty comment on his photos. Run away if he doesn't act as kind as you are.

2. Selfies are really really important in this investigation. According to scientific research, if he has too many selfies on his profiles, he might be a secret psychopath.


3. What happens if he still has photos with his EX? It means that he's still not over her. Run away from him!


4. Is he constantly sharing party photos with his buddies?


Bros before hoes!

5. Drunk photos that were taken at the party the other day. Sex, drugs, rock n roll... You should be careful with this guy.


6. So he's a social butterfly! There is nothing wrong with that, but don't expect him to make time for you in his busy schedule.


7. If he doesn't have a single photo with family members, you should question that. (Hope he has one!)


8. Is he really good with animals or is he using them to increase his cuteness? Look closer, you'll figure it out!


9. If he has similar photos such as this one, you should stop expecting too much from him!


There's nothing wrong with being a party animal! Are you gonna give up or make yourself a fool? You decide.

10. If he has photos with dollar bills, he is surely a pretentious prick. Do you want someone like that in your life?


Let him live with his dollar bills, he'll be happier!

Without doubt, judging someone by only their Instagram account is unfair. However, if you're after a serious relationship, these tips can be helpful to guide you for a better match.

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