10 Things That Make Us Super Competitive!


Video games, competitions, bets or raffles... If you have a chance to win at any situation, your competitive feelings start to increase rapidly. Though everybody likes winning, some extreme behavior during competitive events can be harmful for you. Especially when you are about to lose...

1- Wishbones

Who can turn away a wishbone? Whether you win or lose, a wishbone can turn you into a competitive person. Think twice before you hold that wishbone.

2- Scratch & Win

If you start scratching, there is no stopping until you're out of coins. In every card you buy, you convince yourself that you're gonna win this time. Except, you don't...

3- Self-esteem

Oh, how lovely it is to have an ego! Although having high self-esteem is a desirable thing most of the time, you have to be careful. Too much self-esteem can be pretty annoying. That's why we have a word called "egomaniac" in the dictionary.

4- Mortal Kombat

Exciting Mortal Kombat battles! Do we have to say anything more than this? Don't throw the joystick out of the window if you lose the game.

5- Getting elected

It doesn't matter if you are going to become class president, local mayor or the president of the country. Being competitive is human nature. You just have to keep it on a normal level.

6- Streetball games

If you have a taller opponent and you keep winning the game, it will keep your fire alive until the end of the game. Or maybe until the next game?

7- Playing Monopoly

The whole family gathers together for one purpose: to beat each other at Monopoly. A long, wild, competitive game is waiting for you!

8- Getting Likes & Retweets & Followers

Those who overshare on social media know the worth of a single like. When you get more likes, you want them even more. It is a sweet but dangerous loophole.

9- Raffles

Raffles are a real struggle if you ask us. You usually tend to believe that you are not going to win the raffle. Yet, you can't keep yourself from trying your chances. It's like Bingo, either you win it or lose it. Don' make raffles a big deal.

10- Earning badges & trophies

These badges and trophies we encounter in mobile apps creates a fun competitive environment where you and your close friends become opponents. Don't take this too seriously, though. You don't want to lose your friends over badges, right?

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