10 Things Pet Owners Are Tired Of Hearing!


These sentences, that are generally uttered by people who have no idea about loving an animal, test our patience to the widest extent.

1. "Oh! So you have a cat. I don't like cats at all"


Please love cats, I am begging you! Neither my cat, nor I can sleep at night because you don't like cats! :/

2. "No angel enters a house where a dog has entered"


You have entered our hose, that's more than enough for us! <3

3. "You know I am a very neat person, I don't like the shedding."


Ah, because I live in a dumpster, it isn't a problem for me; but let me give you a secret, you shed around 18 kg skin during your lifetime.

4. "You sleep together? So it gets in your bed? Let me just warn you about the diseases you can catch."


I could go and on about the vaccines my pet has to get all year long,  but I am scared that you will judge me because I give out money.

5. "You can spend the money you spend on your pet's vaccines and food for yourself instead, it is such a waste!"


Ah, how much you worry about me! Actually, don't you spend a lot for your middle son? Why don't you spend that money on yourself, such a waste!

6. "So it just won't eat the leftovers?"


"Its" digestive system is more sensitive than humans, so: no.

7. "Where do you plan to ship off your dog when you have a baby?"


To you?

8. "Will you srsly deal with this all your life, it is such a drag on you!"


Srsly an idiot...

9. "They evolved to live in the wild. You are just restricting their freedom."


Shame on me for not leaving it downtown to be hit by a car or eat from the 'natural' garbage...

10. "I think you just take it and abandon it somewhere far away."


Yes, dear readers. Someone actually has said this to me.

Now, try to explain these people the innocence and cuteness of animals, and the love in their eyes when they look at you. Try to explain that they are a member of the family and you love them as if they were your kids...


Unfortunately, we can't teach anybody the love of animals. But that's fine. We will teach them to respect us and our buddies sooner or later. :)

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