10 Signs Showing Your Man Is Really In Love With You!

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Sometimes guys are in love but don't know how to express their feelings.  Below, we share 10 signs that he is head over heels for you!

1. He skips hanging out with his friends to spend time with you

This is a sign that he can't get enough of you!

2. He asks about your past (and listens to your stories)

Guys who are in love can't wait to learn everything about you, and they'll ask a lot of questions to hear you talk.

3. He introduces you to his parents

This is a sure way to know that he's ready to bring you into his life.

4. He makes plans for your future together

A guy doesn't discuss your future together if he isn't seriously invested in you.

5. He does little things

He begins to know what you like and anticipates when you'll need or want something.  If Coke Zero is your favorite drink, he'll be sure to have some handy when you come over for dinner.

6. He touches you

If you find that he gently strokes your arm or plays with your hair without even seeming to be thinking about it, he's showing that he constantly wants to be in contact with you.

7. He apologizes

It's commonly known that men can be stubborn and slow to fess up when they are wrong.  If he easily apologizes when he's wrong, it shows that he wants to keep you happy.

8. He plays or writes love songs for you

He's showing you his vulnerable and sentimental side.

9. He shows interest in your interests

He doesn't always expect you to be the one who watches sportsball games with him.  He also likes to do things with you, like going to the ballet or your favorite sushi restaurant.

10. He finally tells you he loves you


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