10 Free Services To Help You Get Your Zen On!


What do you do when you are at the office and trying to work? Listen to music? 

If that works to get you concentrated, then this article is not for you. However, if you never know what to do to stay focused, then go ahead! 

Here are 10 services available to you on your computer, tablet, and smartphone whenever you need them.  

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Rainymood will help you relax and focus whether you are at home or at work. Put on your headphones and enjoy the flow! 

Apps available for Android and iOS.

Rainy Mood



If silence is what is making your life difficult, get yourself to the atmosphere of a coffee shop immediately with this special service. 

Coffitivity is prepared for you to help you get focused with its HD coffee shop noise!


Virtual Shower

The developers of Virtual Shower believe that the sound of showering has a healing property.

Considering some people sleep with the vacuum cleaner on to help them sleep, this is not an unreasonable thought.

Virtual Shower

August Ambiance

August Ambiance gives you the ability to enjoy the sounds of August any time of year! You can color up your workspace with the sounds of crickets and birds. 

August Ambience

Blazing Logs


Humanity seems to agree on one thing: Watching a campfire gives us peace. It turns out that people love the sounds of a fire, as well. Blazing Logs allow you to enjoy the sound without the heat and the effort anytime you need it!

Blazing Logs



Noisli is the most visited relaxation website on Earth.

This service has apps and a functioning website that consists of many different sounds. You can save your preferences on this app to come back to later.


Ambient Mixer

Ambient Mixer doesn't quite have the range of nature sounds Noisli has, however it combines the nature sounds it has with instruments and creates amazing mixes! 

Ambient Mixer

Listen to Wikipedia

LtW is a real-time service that scans the changes made on Wikipedia and sends them to you in relaxing sounds! I would highly suggest giving this experience a try.  

Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia


youarelistening.to has available on it sounds from NASA, many major cities from around the world, and police radios.

The service also presents you with real-time information on whatever you listen to.

You are listening to


Sunny brings together amazing sounds from the ocean waves to the calming sound of rain.


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