10 Examples Of Widespread Corruption In Governments Around The World!


When government policies are serving the politicians personal interests rather than public wealth, there is corruption.

What are some examples of the biggest corruptions around the world?

1. This bridge on Maricá, Rio de Janeiro.


This looks pretty useless, doesn't it?

As it can be seen in the photo, the bridge is quite unnecessary as it doesn't shorten the road significantly. This bridge was built for 5 Million $$$. The bridge also had an opening event which cost 80K $$$. Interesting fact: the people who live in this area earn around 700 $ a month.

What is more depressing is that politicians have the power to do what they want in order to support themselves and their campaigns.


This bridge is the most obvious one among these situations.

2. These huge elephant statues in India...


These statues are installed to cheer and strengthen the Dalit, the members of the lowest caste. Statues cost around 7 Million Rupi. 

It should be noted that the daily salary of a single Dalit is around 65 Rupi (around a dollar).

3. These push carts that were bought by the Kenya Government at an auction.


These push carts were supposedly bought to support the local farmers. It might be hard to see the fraud here. These carts were bought for $1047 each. The actual cost of a push cart is around $48.

4. The Indian government's food pack campaign for elementary school students.


This photo shows a group of people dumping the food over a dumpster because the breads have molded. This is accepted as an exceptional case and no one questions why.

Investigations that were done after this event have shown that all of these were low quality as it was going to be distributed to poor children. This is a dangerous move that might affect many innocent children.

5. This gigantic football academy in Hungary.


This might be considered as a service to the community in the beginning. This academy was built for millions of dollars in a town where only 4,000 people live. It's no surprise that Hungarian president Viktor Orbán has a mansion here.

This is not the end. In order to make transportation more convenient, European Union funds a railway project to connect the cities.


Something is definitely going wrong here.

6. The explosion that took the lives of 109 innocent people in India.


This one is not a terror attack. This explosion was only caused by lack of control and precautions.

An exploding tube triggers the hidden explosive materials in a near building. Although the company has the right to use these materials, they were not allowed to hide them in a place where people live. 

After the explosion, it was learned that these explosive materials were kept in that building for a long time and no one did anything about it. 

This resulted in 109 people losing their lives.

7. This skyscraper in Bombay which was built to serve war veterans and the relatives of martyrs.


When the government changes, new members of the chamber take over this building and use it for their own interests.

8. This businessman in this photo.


The man in the business suit is pulling another man from his arm and talking in a heated way. The other guy is not happy about this situation but he is patiently listening.

Younger man is Enrique Peña Nieto. For those who don't know him, he is the head of the state in Mexico. The older man in the business suit is a well-known rich businessman. Why does he have the courage to pull the head of state from his arm? You decide.

Probably these two have a relationship based on mutual interests. Let's have a look at the house that Nieto bought last year.


This mansion, which is worth around 7 Million $$$, is claimed to have been bought by his TV actress wife. However, everybody knows that his wife is not earning that much money, as she was a second class TV actress.

The owner of the highway company and the president's photo seem much more logical now.

9. Events that happened during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.


There is something corrupt here.

These photos don't tell you anything in the beginning. When it comes to numbers, it becomes easier to understand the bigger picture.


This table shows the budgets of the Olympic games that were arranged from 1960 to 2014.


Dark colors are used to show to overall budget and the lighter colors state overall expenses. The expenses of Sochi is quite exceptional.

For instance, Beijing spent around 142 million $$$ while Sochi spent 520 million $$$. Beijing arranged 302 different events while this number was 98 for Sochi.

10. This Salemo-Reggio Calabria motorway in Italy.


The most significant feature of this motorway is that it is still being built since 1929. What was happening around 1929 is much more interesting than this.

  • The motorway has not been finished since 1929.

  • More than 12 billion $$$ were spent over the course of 15 years.

  • Over 3000 people died during traffic accidents caused by maintenance.

  • 18 workers lost their lives when they were working in the site around last 10 years.

NASA spent 2 billion $$$ for the Curiosity project, which is aiming for Mars. In other words, 9 Euro is spent for each km in the Curiosity project. The number for Salerno-Reggio Calabria is around 27 million Euros.

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