14 Characteristics Of People Who Only Pick Up The Phone When They Want To

etiket 14 Characteristics Of People Who Only Pick Up The Phone When They Want To

April 04 2017 - 11:06am

Do you get anxious by people who talk a lot on the phone? Do you ignore the calls and texts from people? This might be the right list for you. Here are 14 characteristics of people who answer their phone only when they feel like it.

1. Let's make it clear, if you have the right to call me whenever you want, then I have to right to pick up only if I feel like it. 😌

These people are not conditioned to reach for the phone whenever it rings. They won't answer it if they don't want to.

2. They only pick up the phones of the people they love without preparing themselves.

3. If you're not liked much by this person, you will only get an answer if you call 2-3 times.

You might think this person will get back to you when your call is seen. But think again... 😁

4. We don't like to talk for hours on the phone and get anxious as the conversation keeps going.

The time literally stops while waiting for the other person to hang up the phone.

5. If a friend called before to chit chat about everything in their life, they are on our blacklist.

You are going to talk about the same things as yesterday, aren't you?

6. We are not the kind of people that values how many different people calls them.

Like why would you want to be tortured?

7. When people tell you that your phone is ringing, you can just go, 'Let it ring!"

Your friends will get used to it after a while.

8. The same logic goes for the door. We might act like we're not home sometimes.

Especially in the mornings. 😁

9. We are the ones who were always offline during the MSN times...

We will only write whenever we want.

10. We have a bunch of BS excuses ready for you on why we didn't pick up the phone.

Ohh it was on silent...

11. At least we don't complain when we can't reach you.


12. We sometimes wish we were born in the 90s, when the only phone we had to deal with was at home...

13. We usually hate notifications and will wait until they build up to go through it in the quickest way possible.

14. We prefer not to get consumed by the modern world.

We're all free, right? 😌

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