28 Men That Prove Beards Are Not Always So Sexy!

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Recently, there is this beard thing going on. Guys let their beards grow like crazy. The hot guys, who actually do look good with a beard, that we see all over are to blame. However, please stop thinking that every single man would look good, masculine and attractive with a beard. It is not everybody's thing to pull off.

When we think about beards, this guy comes to mind first.


Manly, sexy and charismatic

Incredibly modern and classical

A yummy example complemented by a mustache


1. The 80% of beards that we see in real life (not Internet) however, look like this:

2. Or this:

3. A well-groomed, dense beard can't look good on everybody.

4. It also doesn't have to make everybody more manly.

5. Just because it is a fashion thing now...

6. Or just because you somehow believe that it makes everybody look better

7. Thinking "I can also grow my beard."...

8. "All the Hollywood people are doing it, why shouldn't I?"

9. Please don't grow your beard!

10. Please have mercy on us. Stop it!

11. It is full of guys who think they are handsome and mysterious,

12. But who are unfortunately not.

13. They are more of fur-balls.

14. It is our fault, really.

15. We went crazy with the hot guys with beards.

16. We said "Bearded guys look amazing"

17. We said "Beard does the magic."

18. And then these guys started thinking they could have that, too.

19. And this is where they reached...

20. Or this:

21. And mostly this:

22. And partially this:

23. And something like this...

24. We apologize, and show you how it actually looks on you...

25. This is not a sexy beard.

26. And this beard isn't attractive.

27. Please forgive us and stop insisting on this.

28. Beards aren't meant for everybody.

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