17 People Who Do Crazy, Dangerous And Stupid Things Just For Fun!


What do you do on the weekends? Shopping? Grabbing a beer with your pals? Think of the craziest thing you’ve ever done. We bet there’s no way you could ever beat these people, because, well, they’re either having some serious manic episodes, or they’re simply asking to die!

1. This hoverboarder...

"Bu adam canına susamış."

2. And this unicycler who is giving us heart attacks:


3. This biker who is just way too adventurous...


4. Congratulations if you could make it to the end...

5. Does your mama know what you're doing?

6. And this pilot(?):

7. This skater:

8. Cool game, kids. Keep a fire extinguisher around, just in case.

9. This woman, who decided to kiss a snake. Yes, a snake.

10. This guy, who decided to inspect a lion's teeth, because why not:


11. And this guy, who decided to inspect a shark's chompers:


12. And you stand there bragging about your parallel parking skills...

13. OMG, WHY?


14. These belly-floppers from Japan...

15. Definitely not worth for a few Instagram likes, people.


16. No he's not Spiderman.

17. And lastly, this guy — just in general:

Meanwhile, us:


Source: BuzzFeed

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