Expectation Vs Reality: 33 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails!


Let’s face it, it’s a gamble. You may either purchase that thing you’ve been needing for weeks for a very good deal, or you may get a cotton candy machine instead, like one of the guys on this list who actually ordered a fryer. Here are 33 people, like him, who deeply regret shopping online.

1. "I ordered some tights for halloween online. I didn't check the size and it turns out they were a bit too small."

2. "My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn't until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school."

3. "Check the dimensions of everything before ordering on Amazon."

4. "Ordered black sweatpants, received these instead. I'm not even mad."

5. "Bought this shirt online, so far, I've been getting a lot of weird looks." 😂

6. "My buddy ordered a 1/2-inch solenoid valve from Amazon and received a 7-foot tall teddy bear. They played hockey on xbox."

7. "We ordered an "M" balloon. Thanks, Partycity."

8. "Ordered a custom family photo ornament. Received one with a random Asian family and photoshop added penguins. Not even mad."

9. “Probably wasn't a good idea to purchase this tv from unreliable vendors.”

10. “Ordered Jordan's online. Got an ass crack.”

11. "Buying clothing online from China."

12. "There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots."

13. “Girlfriend ordered a jacket from target, got this instead. They don't even have this item in their inventory.”

14. 😬🙈🍕

15. "I ordered a desk lamp from Amazon. I should have read the specs more carefully."

16. “My dad ordered a fryer but Amazon sent him a cotton candy machine instead. Sadly, this is the highlight of my year.”

17. 😂😂😂

18. The mask of horror.

19. "Xl, they say..."

20. 😂😂😂

21. “Friend bought $600 Apple watch off eBay. This is what came.”

22. 😂😱

23. "Expectations vs. reality: Christmas tree."

24. "Chia pet: Expectation vs. reality!"

25. "Don't shop at Wish."

26. "Always double check the measurements when purchasing home decor online."

27. “My friend ordered a large t-shirt from Canada, this is what he got.”

28. "Smart" watch...

29. "This is a rug I ordered online. Really soft but really really small."

"This is a rug I ordered online. Really soft but really really small."
"This is a rug I ordered online. Really soft but really really small."

30. "When you get your imperial and metric confused..."


31. "Ordered 4 qt., got a 1/4 qt. It sort of works for dips..."

32. "Bought handmade doll - from hell"


33. “The hiking boots i ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided.”

BONUS: This one shouldn't be real. Please don't be real.


Article source: http://www.boredpanda.com/online-shopping-fails-fake-rip-off/

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