These Are the Best Romantic Comedy Films of the Past Decade According to Movie Buffs

These Are the Best Romantic Comedy Films of the Past Decade According to Movie Buffs

Vivian Mwikali
February 08 2023 - 07:23pm

The essentials of a great romantic comedy are subjective. But one thing that stands the test of time is that the best rom-coms have lovable characters, are heavily invested in their story arcs and incorporate humor from beginning to end. 

Romantic comedies should make you feel light-hearted, laugh out loud and of course, build up to a happy ending. 

So, whether you’re looking to have a good laugh or shed a tear or two, be sure to check out these top romantic comedy films of the past ten years as rated by movie experts.

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10. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ (2022): Prime Video

Starring Jennifer Lopez as the heroine Darcy alongside Josh Duhamel as her fiancé Tom Fowler, Shotgun Wedding builds its story slowly, starting with the almost-married couple arguing on the morning of their destination wedding. 

When a group of terrorists descend upon a remote Philippine island, taking their guests hostage, it's up to the beaus to go on a rescue mission. 

Verdict: A slow build with increasing intensity.

9. ‘Always Be My Maybe’ (2019): Netflix

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This heartfelt rom-com is written and co-starred by Ali Wong and Randall Park, who play Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim, two childhood sweethearts whose lives went in different directions. 

The duo reconnects 15 years later and begins to reminisce, but they are completely different adults. 

Verdict: The perfect rom-com for a nostalgic trip.

8. ‘About Time’ (2013): Prime Video

A British romantic comedy about time traveler Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) who uses his superability to travel back in time to woo the love of his life Mary (Rachel McAdams). 

However, with time, he realizes that rewinding time may not produce desired results. Better just learn past lessons and forge ahead, huh?

Verdict: The sweet combination of sci-fi and rom-com. Nothing beats that.

7. ‘Set It Up’ (2018): Netflix

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No need to butcher your boss over resentment! Two frustrated assistants, Harper Moore (Joey Deutch) and Charlie Young (Glen Powell) decide to set up their overdemanding bosses on a date in a bid to get a breather from their work. 

Harper's boss is the high-powered Kirsten Stevens, played by the divalicious Lucy Liu, while Charlie's boss is the workaholic Rick Otis, played by the chocolaty handsome Taye Diggs.  

Verdict: Horrible Bosses with a romantic twist.

6. ‘Me Before You’ (2016): Rent/buy Apple TV/ Prime Video

Effervescent Louisa Clark 'Lou' (Emilia Clarke), a small-town girl, works different jobs to make ends meet. Her cheery spirit is tested when she gets hired to work as a caregiver for the salty wealthy banker Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who got paralyzed following an accident. 

An unlikely bond forms between the two, thawing the heart of cynical Will while Lou sees life from a different perspective.   

Verdict: A heartfelt film that evokes all your emotions.

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5. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ (2018): HBO Max

Starring Asian A-listers Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Jimmy O. Yang and Harry Shum Jr., Crazy Rich Asians follows Rachel Chu (Wu), who accompanies her boyfriend Nick (Golding) to Singapore for his best friend's wedding. 

She learns surprising things about Nick’s life, including his incredibly wealthy and influential family and an icy cold mother. 

Verdict: Time for some Asian love!

4. ‘The Hating Game’ (2021): Hulu

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Hardworking good-girl Lucy Hutton played by Lucy Hale, goes head-to-head with her work nemesis Joshua Templeman (Austin Stowell). But their rivalry becomes complicated by Lucy's growing attraction for Joshua. 

Verdict: The appeal of a hate-love relationship.

3. ‘Marry Me’ (2022): Prime Video

Starring J-Lo in the lead, the film is about a sexy superstar Kat Valdez who plans to wed her co-singer celebrity boyfriend Bastian (Maluma) in front of a live audience. Just before the wedding, Kat finds out that Bastian has been cheating on her with her assistant. 

To avoid public humiliation, Kate marries a random guy from the audience Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a divorced math teacher. 

Verdict: The excitement of unpredictable love makes for a good watch.

2. ‘The Half of It’ (2020): Netflix

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A teenage queer love story about shy introverted Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), who assists schoolmate Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer) win the interest of Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire), who she’s secretly in love with.  

Verdict: A revived rom-com about gay-straight romance.

1. ‘The Big Sick’ (2017): Prime Video

Kumail Nanjiani wrote the movie's screenplay based on his own love story with his wife Emily V. Gordon. In the film, Kumail is a Pakistani stand-up comedian who falls in love with American graduate Emily, portrayed by Zoe Kazan. 

Kumail worries about what his Muslim family will think of Emily, but that is the least of his worries. Emily falls in, falling into a coma. In the process, Kumail bonds with Emily's concerned parents.  

Verdict: A refreshing rom-com based on real-life courtship.

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