You’ve Been Doing It Wrong The Whole Time! Here’s How To Apply Eyeliner To Suit Your Eye Shape


Applying eyeliner is perhaps the greatest challenge of this decade for anyone who wears makeup. It’s incredibly popular and looks very attractive, but most of us keep doing it wrong, and the main reason is not knowing our eye shape. Here are 6 techniques for 6 different eye shapes to make you look amazing with your perfectly applied eyeliner!

Almond-shaped eyes

If the inner and outer corners of your eyes are at the same level, and the distance between the inner corners is equal to one eye’s length, you have almond-shaped eyes.

To attract attention to your eyes, start drawing a thin line on your upper eyelid from the inner corner. Extend the line at the outer corner, but don’t draw beyond it. This technique makes the eyes look wider and more expressive.

Hooded eyes

The excess skin hanging over the upper eyelids makes the eyes look smaller. So you need to add as much volume to your lashes as possible.

Wide arrows covering the whole upper lash lines are ideal for this eye shape. Another trick — use the darkest eyeliner you can find.

Wide-set eyes

If the distance between your eyes is more than one eye’s width, you have wide-set eyes.

To make your eyes look a little closer together, draw an arrow all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner. Then draw a line on the lower eyelid starting from the middle of the eye, but don’t draw beyond its outer corner. Also, when you put mascara on your lashes, brush them toward the bridge of your nose.

Large eyes

For large eyes, all you need to do is just make them look a bit more elongated.

Applying eyeliner on your upper eyelid, draw an arrow about a centimeter beyond the outer corner. By the way, "smoky eyes" is an ideal makeup technique for this eye shape.

Elongated eyes

Elongated eyes are incredibly sexy, but you need to apply eyeliner very carefully to avoid making them look narrow. To make them look bigger and brighter, draw an arrow a little away from the lash line and shade it gently.

Outline the thin strip of skin between the eye and lashes with a white pencil. Then use a black pencil to emphasize the upper eyelid, thickening the central part of the arrow.

Close-set eyes

If the distance between your eyes is less than one eye’s width, you have close-set eyes. In this case, the main purpose is to make your eyes look more open.

You should create a gradation from light to dark shades on the outer corners of the eyes. Step back a little from the inner corner, and start drawing an arrow. The end of the arrow should be outside the outer corner and slightly raised.

Source: Bright Side

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