Yet Another Weird Fashion Trend: Glitter Nipples!


The aspiration for originality and novelty is what drives fashion. We see such different designs and ideas in fashion shows; some are genius and some are ridiculous. Paris Fashion Week, however, has brought forward a trend in which celebrities are happily following: Glitter Nipples!

The fashion weeks, which set the trends of the year, took place in New York, London, Milan and Paris respectively.

As always, the most successful one was Paris Fashion Week.

Anthony Vaccarello, the designer who never ceases to please, brought forward a trend again in the fashion show by Yves Saint Lauren. And this trend couldn't go better with the prominence of Paris: Glitter Nipples!

Does this trend look even a bit familiar to you?

Miley Cyrus, who is totally for freeing the breasts and nipples, has documented her involvement in this trend many times despite the nipple-censor principles of Instagram.

She must have really liked it, since she went with the glitter nipple on stage, in events, on the beach, and anywhere else you can imagine.

Again and again...

The Glitter Nipple trend is quite popular among celebrities.

Here is Rihanna, not worrying about her transparent dress...

Rita Ora...


And many more...

Would bloggers not try out a new trend?

Of course they would, and of course they do!

We don't know how far this trend will go in public, although it is quite common among bloggers and celebrities.

And if we consider that this trend has actually been reviving, it is certain that we will be seeing such photos:

Only time will tell what else we will have to see. 💁
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