Yet Another Sexy Trend: Back Dimple Surgery Is Now A Thing For Women


Would you pay for Venus dimples? Well, a lot of women these days are. It’s the latest plastic surgery trend that women are forking out thousands of dollars for...

Plastic surgery is now more popular than ever…

People used to go to plastic surgeons for their noses, breasts, hips, or lips...

Our understanding of beauty has changed, so there are new trends.

And the newest trend is: Venus dimples!

People are now spending thousands of dollars on a new cosmetic procedure to create dimples in their lower backs…

Said to be indicators of good health and a great sex life, the dents are difficult to achieve through exercise, they're located where the two pelvic bones connect.

So those who aren't naturally blessed are now going in search of a cosmetic solution.

Here’s what a surgeon has to say about it...

Dr. Wong-Powell told FEMAIL that "The V-spot is a curved diamond area in the back and is usually found naturally on the body of very sporty and athletic women, this is why a lot of women want to go under the knife to have their V-spot done because they want to look young and fit."

“The lower back has always been championed as a beautiful region of the female body,” she adds.

“However, with the rise of aesthetic surgery of the buttocks, many people are realizing that lifted buttocks only look good if paired with a sexy sculpted lower back - one fails to look good without the other.”

Here are some celebs who naturally have Venus dimples!

Adriana Lima

Kendall Jenner

Kimberley Garner

Miranda Kerr

Kristen Stewart

Alexis Ren

Miley Cyrus

And many more...

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