Why Do We Get Hangovers And How Can We Prevent Them?


Well, the shortest answer to why we get hangovers is that it happens when we drink too much. But you already know that. So what’s the deal with it, why do we wake up with the worst headache ever, which is probably accompanied by the worst diarrhea and a confused mind? Here’s the answer.

There is not one short answer to this question, to be honest...


One of the major causes of symptoms that we experience after a night of heavy drinking is the loss of fluid. Although it seems odd that a liquid we consume causes our body to lose fluid, alcohol prevents our body from releasing vasopressin which leads our body to produce more urine than usual, and that leads to dehydration. So, there comes the headache, dry mouth, and the fatigue.

Symptoms can occur at any time the next day.


However, as we all know, the symptoms are usually seen in the morning. A hangover, by the way, is a lot more than just the physiological symptoms. It also leads to psychological distress, extreme anxiety, regret, shame, and depressive feelings. Apart from the amount of alcohol we consume, a hangover can be worse because of sleep deprivation.

The maximum amount of alcohol we should consume to avoid these symptoms is unknown.


Because the symptoms may vary according to our alcohol tolerance, what we’ve eaten before, whether or not we were in good health, etc.

Another reason for hangovers is the reaction of our immune system to alcohol.


The reaction of our immune system to alcohol often affects our appetite, concentration, and memory. Alcohol also increases the release of gastric acid and it slows down our digestion, which leads to nauseation, a pain in the stomach, and in the end, vomiting

The widespread belief that alcohol consumption kills our brain cells is not really true.


Alcohol can kill your brain cells, but it’s not possible to consume the deadly amount in just one day. Also, ethanol, for example, can actually kill many of your cells, that’s why we use it as a disinfectant. But the alcohol we consume does not have the same effect on our bodies.

Heavy alcohol consumption also causes the following changes in our bodies:

Alcohol negatively affects the liver's glucose production, leading to fatigue and impaired concentration. It also deteriorates sleep patterns, widens the veins, which makes a headache even worse.

How to prevent hangovers?


Consuming water throughout the day and eating a healthy breakfast will greatly reduce the symptoms of hangovers. Consuming fructose-containing foods such as honey and fruit juice is also effective. But of course, the ultimate solution is to drink moderately in the first place.

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