Which Romantic Movie Couple Are You?


There are adorable couples that we watch with great admiration. 500 days or summer, The Notebook and many other movies have them all. Take our test to find out which movie couple you and your partner are most like! Make a movie special for you two!

1. What word best describes your relationship?

2. Which of these colors reminds you of your love?

3. Where would you like to live with your partner?


4. Pick a house to spend the rest of your life with your other half.

5. Let’s go a little special. How would you describe your bf/gf?

6. Was it love at first sight?

7. Now pick the song that reminds you of your significant other.

Just the way you are- Bruno Mars
Stay with me- Sam Smith
Justin Timberlake- Mirrors
Justin Bieber- Company
All of me- John Legend
Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran

8. What is your favorite activity to do together?

Watching movies
Making love

9. Finally, do you think your love will last forever?

''The Notebook - Allie & Noah!"

You and your partner belong to the movie ‘The Notebook.’ What is better than being a part of a love story like theirs? You feel love very deep inside, with all of its warmness, beauty, hardships and happiness. You believe in faith and the story of the ‘unfortunate lovers’. Your love truly resembles the love of Allie & Noah’s; a love that is told from an old notebook and is definitely something magical! You’ve been faced with many problems, but you always knew how to handle them. If you were Allie, you would never give up on Noah, no matter what other people say.

''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- Joel & Clementine!"

You and your significant other belong to the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’! You make mistakes and you have reasons for them, but they’re never strong enough to damage your love. You just fell in love with each other without questioning it, which makes your relationship special. You know very well that the only way to have each other for the rest of your lives is to confront and talk about your problems. Keep it up and never let anyone to keep you apart!

''500 Days of Summer - Summer & Tom!"

You and your significant other belong to the movie ’500 days of summer’! You usually experience shifts in your emotions, but you always have a genuine smile on your faces when you’re together. Even though your love is a little cracked, happiness is always with you. You have an unusual relationship; you two are actually very different from each other, but you know that you can’t live apart either. May all your dreams come true!

"Only Lovers Left Alive- Eve & Adam!"

You and your significant other belong to the movie ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’! You live such a passionate and mysterious love that nothing is strong enough to separate you two. The passion you have will always keep your relationship fresh and thrilling. There are even many reasons to keep you apart, but your magical bond would never let it happen!

''Love Me If You Dare!- Julien & Sophie!"

You and your significant other belong to the movie 'Jeux d'Enfant- Love me if you dare’! Your love is like a fairytale; alive and stubborn. You know very well that everything is much easier and innocent when you’re young. Your love started to hurt you as you grew up, but you always learned something from your mistakes. You developed a connection while not losing your childish souls. Even if it’s not easy to maintain the 'fun' in relationships, you two do it perfectly!

''Titanic - Jack & Rose!"

You and your significant other belong to the movie ‘Titanic’! There’s just so much to say about your love, but words won’t be enough to express it. Your love is eternal. The differences in your status or opinions would never be an obstacle in your love. You have the power to endure and get over any struggle you are faced with. You’re very lucky that you have each other!

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