Id, Ego or Superego: Which One Leads You?
According to Sigmund Freud’s theory, there are 3 different types of mechanisms that control us, leading how we react in public and decide what we value the most: Id, Ego and Superego. These parts combine to create complex human behavior, but which one are you driven by?
If Your Whole Life Was A Movie Who Would Play You?
All of our lives are special and filled with so many unforgettable memories. So, how would it be if your whole life was a movie and you got to find out who'll be playing you in it?! This quiz will reveal the leading actor in your movie!
Which Greek God Is Your Soulmate?
Zeus, Poseidon, Hera or Aphrodite? Here lies many gods and goddesses for you! This quiz will help you find your inner god/goddess!Image credit: Shutterstock/Anastasios71