Which Composer Is Your Soulmate?


Welcome to most aristocratic quiz of all time!

1. If you were in an orchestra, what instrument would you play?


2. What is your demonic feature?

3. Which award do you want to win?

Golden Globe
World Cup
Cannes-Palme D'or
World's Best Mother/Father/Lover
Olympics Golden Medal
Nobel Prize

4. What inspires you to compose a masterpiece?

5. Pretend that you're a thief. Why do you steal?

Because I'm poor.
Out of boredom really.
To take from the rich and give to the poor.
To be able to make rich people poor.
No specific reason.
My chaotic life dragged me into this.
Because I want to.
I mean, everyone does that.
For my children

6. What do you think about when you hear the word "WATER?"

7. You got a major role on a famous TV series. What kind of character are you playing?

Someone unfaithful
A loser
A warrior
A hopeless lover
Someone old and wise
A mad person
Lead role
Someone wise
Someone mysterious

8. Final question is from Tolstoy... What Do Men Live By?

You got "Mozart!"

First things first, you are ahead of your time. Your genius is mind blowing. You were born with this talent. Though many struggle to reach your status, you can be successful without any effort. You seem calm but you are a mad person. The child in you probably won't ever grow up. Do we have to mention that you are a playboy? All of the geniuses are like that, so don't worry.

You got "Beethoven!"

You are on fire! Your potential is beyond words. Let's just agree that you're huge. You brought on this world to change it completely. You're the ruler of your emotions and this helps you to get into any character you want. We adore you!

You got "Chopin!"

You're a loner. It almost feels like loneliness is stuck with you. We won't even start on your deep melancholy. You're a citizen of the romance republic. You prefer to live at night. When the sun is rising, your soul gets dark. That's why you're the lord/duchess of darkness.

You got "Bach!"

You're the definition of objectivity. You always manage to keep your distance to all events. That is the reason why you are fan of justice. Divine justice to be exact. You know that you're out of this world. You can't bring justice to this world no matter how hard you try. You have to accept the things the way they are!

You got "Wagner!"

There is no easy way to say this. You're an egomaniac. You're in love with yourself and you are stubborn as hell. You have your reasons though. You think that you are more talented and intelligent than everyone else around you. You avoid trusting others after a lot of sad experiences. That's why you only trust yourself in this life. Nevertheless, you enjoy fighting for the life you want. You have the soul of an hunter. You don't know how to rest, as we might say.

You got "Tchaikovski!"

You're an extraordinary person. You've known that you're different since the day you were born. Your point of view is unique. That is why you question everything around you. This sensitive side of yours has turned you into a over-thinker. You're on the thin line between going mad and staying sane. At the end of the day, you can still be yourself, you rare being!

You got "Vivaldi!"

You're the definition of balance and harmony. You can be cold and monotonous like WINTER; alive and full of love like SPRING; hot and wild like SUMMER or melancholic and full of blue moments like AUTUMN at the same time. These extreme feelings can create the most beautiful harmony in you. In short, you create unexpected combinations out of your emotions.

You got "Rahmaninov!"

You're probably the last romantic on this planet. There aren't many of your type out there. Your type has almost become extinct. Other than this, you are mysterious, like Pandora's box - it's impossible to solve your mystery. The most difficult thing in this world is to guess what's going on your mind.

You got "Brahms!"

You're not from our century. You love all things nostalgic and you have a hard time adapting to contemporary society. Maybe from the 1920's era of French Revolution... Definitely not 2010's. You know that history repeats itself, no doubt! All of your relationships depend on this fact. You don't need new things to be happy.

You got "Salieri!"

We are sorry to tell you this, but you are a typical loser. You don't have any talent. You have to try twice as hard to win, compared to others. You have a Mozart-type in your life who turns your life into hell every single time. Whatever you're working on, Mozart does it better. Damn those Mozart types!

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