When Hope And Sorrow Become One: Rainbow Babies


Termination of pregnancy due to miscarriage... Although this happens to many women and is a very painful experience, it isn't a topic of conversation in our society and is taken too lightly.

Fortunately, it is safe to say that not many topics are left that we aren't scared of talking about and sharing.

Here is Jessica Mahoney and her amazing photos where she put sorrow and hope in one frame; and her 'rainbow baby.'

One third of the first pregnancies result in a miscarriage. Yes, it is THAT common.


Miscarriage can occur in any period of pregnancy, the first weeks as well as the last days before the birth.

As miscarriages occur during the first period of pregnancies, women prefer not to share it with the people around them.

Women who experience a miscarriage may blame themselves, probably because of the motherhood instinct that the hormones cause.


However, it is rarely the case that a miscarriage is anybody's fault at all and can occur even during conception when pregnancy would not continue anyways.

A flawed mutation taking place during the development of the baby and the dislocation of the fetus are among the many reasons of miscarriage and are totally out of mother's control.


It can be determined that the pregnancy will result in a miscarriage even as soon as the sperm makes it to the womb.

And although the parents don't experience guilt, it can be emotionally devastating when a woman miscarries during the later stages of the pregnancy, ruining all the excitement, expectations, and hope.


Miscarrying affects one just like a storm, a heavy rain that pours down from a dark sky. That's exactly why there is a new idiom coined for this: Rainbow Baby!


Rainbow baby is the name given to a baby who is born healthy following a miscarriage.


Because these babies shine over the worlds of their parents, just like a rainbow, after a storm -tears, pain, desperation-.

Jessica Mahoney and her husband had six consecutive miscarriages and suffered a great deal.


This horrible process began when they had decided to have a baby so that their 4-year-old son would have a sibling: miscarriage after miscarriage...


All the hope they had was lost when Jessica realized that she was pregnant again!

When she was pregnant for the 7th time, she wanted to create a project with the famous birth photographer, JoAnn Marrero. They decided to celebrate the rainbow baby with a rainbow theme!


Because this pregnancy was a rainbow that appeared after a dark and sad period.

And this wasn't just to celebrate her pregnancy, but also to honor the babies who didn't have the chance of coming to the world!


Although nobody has or will have got to know them, they are unforgettable for Jessica.

Yes, Jessica has never got to see their faces, but the babies in her womb were never cold, hungry, or scared.


Although they didn't "exist" in the world, Jessica felt them inside of her and loved them.

As long as they were in her body, they existed far from the filth and cruelty of the world, and in the purest form of love: mother's love.


We wish Jessica and her family a long and happy life with their rainbow baby!


And we wish a rainbow for everybody whose pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.

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