What's Your Perspective On Sex According To Your Subconscious?

> What's Your Perspective On Sex According To Your Subconscious?

The things you understand from what people tell you, the way they get stuck somewhere in your brain, your view on events and situations... They all give a lot of information about you. One of these is your view on sexual relationships.

In this test, we'll tell you your view on sexual relationships by digging up your subconscious!

1. How would you scale your sex life compared to your friends?

2. What does the word sex mean to you?

3. People are obsessed with sex because...

4. Finish the sentence!

4. Finish the sentence!

5. In a courtroom

The way the judge makes the order, endless speeches of cunning lawyers, the silence when the judge is passing the sentence... There are few movies which are more dramatic than a courtroom. In this time of tension, right and wrong sometimes get mixed and justice and law get lost.

Here is the question: You're an actor in movie that takes place in a courtroom. Which role would you play?

6. Which is the biggest fear that you have?

7. Subconscious Psychology

These are some of the symptoms people say they experience:

  • I believe time is running against me.

  • If others didn't prevent me, I believe I'd be successful.

  • I start worrying out of the blue. 

  • I sometimes can't breathe when I'm over excited.

  • I'm like a wanderer who lives life with uncertainty.

  • There's someone who wants to hurt me.

How many of them do you experience?

8. Final question. What does this running lake bring to your mind?

Your soul isn't affected by body, it's affected by love!

You're an individual who looks for answers in your mind about sex and you're aware that the action of sex is more than just an action. Even though you know it's necessary to continue the human race, the action itself doesn't mean so much to you. For you, sex is being next to your partner and kissing them gently to wake them. It's not knowing what time it is and not caring. It's something you have that doesn't bother you, it's about acceptance. And finally, it's a goodnight sleep, it's compassion.

You're not looking for momentary pleasure, you're looking for long term satisfaction.

From the moment they're born, people are exposed to certain prejudgements, certain forms that happen out of their own will and that are accepted by the society. The biggest thing these forms limit is probably our perception of sex. But you were able to improve your thoughts and emotions because of your strong relationship with your partner. As a result of this, you escaped from all the prejudgements, cliches, and forms and you don't have the desire to be a part of society. You don't see sex as a shallow thing but are looking for the truth deep inside. Like most people, You're not looking for momentarily pleasure, you're looking for long term satisfaction.

Sex is not a taboo for you!

Sex took its place in your minds as an inevitable way of existance. You were able to see that to exist in life, we need to reproduce and this situation isn't so much different from our other biological needs. You like being strong when you're with your partner but despite leading the game, you let your partner think he/she has the control and you take pleasure from doing so in an interesting way. In a nutshell, Your mind is filled with the idea that you have to pass your genes to the next generation and want to have the lead while doing so!