What Kind Of Addiction Do You Cause Other People?!

> What Kind Of Addiction Do You Cause Other People?!

What's so special about you that people just can't seem to give you up? Here, we find out what kind of an effect you have on people!

1. Let's start with a critical question. Your friend's partner is cheating on 'em. How would you approach?

2. And what would be the case if you were cheated on?

3. Which one's more important for you?

4. Pick your addictive TV-series!

5. Rate your mood from 1 to 6, 6 being the best.

6. How much do you think you mean to others?

7. Which superhero effect do you think you have?

8. Your friends made plans without you, how would you react?

8. Your friends made plans without you, how would you react?

9. The last one's a bit interesting. If people around your friends were a keyboard, which key would you be?

As addictive as adrenaline!

You're like adrenaline! People need to get used to you at first, so be ready to feel excluded at times. You have that 'dangerous' vibe. You do what you want, when you want. You're sometimes way too free-spirited for others, but once they get used to you, they're all ready to jump off a cliff with you! You blow people away! Well, we didn't expect much else from a crazy guy like you!

As addictive as smoking!

You cause a real addiction on people. 'Not without you' is certainly something your friends think of. You're always there for them. So what makes you so special? The answer is actually not... You just listen and support your friends. It's the most important thing people seek. But sometimes, just like a cigarette, you end up burning them alive! Never hurts to be careful.

As addictive as drinking!

You really get it all. It's no surprise people keep asking more and more of you. Sometimes we all get stuck and can't really find the way out. But for some people, you show the way out. Adapting to different moods is certainly your thing. Silent when its needed, loudness when needed and guidance when needed, too. Let's just have a double of you!

As addictive as anti-depressants!

No one gets people's feelings the way you do. You're as addictive as Xanax, Prozac...This is why your friends can never have enough of you and always call you when sh*t hits the fan. The way you analyze different situations and different people is out of this world! Your words are words of wisdom, so it's no surprise they always listen to you.

As addictive as chocolate!

Happiness embodied...You're full of life, fun and different colors. People can't have enough of your sympathetic behavior. Also, you're usually the first thing people seek when they're unhappy. Hanging out with you is eating a chocolate full of caramel, milk, honey or you name it! Thanks for all the serotonin you produce!

As addictive as weed!

You take people over like weed, drugs, heroin! You're calming and dreamy. (No sh*t, Sherlock!) But this is only because you're always quite chill. You're funny and colorful, but there's a deep melancholic side to you that people love exploring together. You only reveal this to your closest friends. Your 'bad trip' might be your down side. But generally, you're above the clouds and take people with you! This is why your friends can't have enough of you!