What Is Your Leadership IQ?


We have 10 questions for you in this test to reveal your leadership IQ! Start the test if you’re wondering about how good you are at leading teams!

1. Let’s start. Pick a TV Show character you feel closest to.

2. Now pick a movie character.

3. Which one are you?

4. What does the word ‘responsibility’ mean to you?

It's tiring.
Not everyone can handle it.
It requires running away as much as I can.
The thing that brings success.
It’s the best if it’s shared.

5. How often do you leave things until the last minute?

6. Which one is more important to reach success?

Hard work

7. What is the biggest thing that you can’t stand?

Two facedness

8. Someone from your team made a critical mistake on a really important project and you lost the customer. How would you react?

I would fire the responsible person.
I would use a pay cut to everyone in the team to shame him/her.
I would blow up at him/her.
I would take the responsibility and give directions so the same thing won’t happen again.

9. Let’s pride ourselves a little. What’s your best feature?

Something else.
Being intelligent and curious.
Being ambitious and determined.
Being positive and cheerful.
Being honest and trustworthy.
Being hardworking and careful.

10. Finally, pick one of these quotes.

"The sad truth about life is when people can’t see that they are the real cause of a problem.”
"When two men always agree, one of them is unnecessary."
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."
"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
"Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."

You’re born to be a leader!

Responsibility means everything to you! You definitely know how to keep people together and how to manage them without spreading fear. Plus, you’re trustable and sharing. People love you in and outside of work! Your leadership IQ is 150!

You can be a great leader!

Maybe you’re not a master at managing teams, but you don’t need that anyway because you’re usually busy with the ‘doing’ part. You have what it takes to be a leader. You’re also experienced but it’s just not enough for you to be the best among all. There’s no doubt that you’ll be a wonderful leader by adding a little more experience to your professional life. Your leadership IQ is 110!

Maybe you’re not a natural born leader, but you’re definitely the best teammate!

Things like leadership and management don't interest you anyway, they don’t really appeal to your personality. You have enough sense of responsibility to give decisions by yourself when you need to. You value sharing and producing more; which is great for people around you and yourself. Your leadership IQ is 60!

U ain’t bout that life.

Dealing with people, leading, managing, they’re not your things. You don’t enjoy being too close to people. It’s tiring when it comes to explaining yourself. You prefer to spend time alone and create things by yourself, instead of socializing. You don’t feel the need to prove yourself to others, no one expects you to have abilities about something that doesn’t fit your personality anyway. But this situation makes your leadership IQ 30.

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