What Do Our Lip Shapes Say About Us?


According to Jean Haner, an expert on face-reading, our lip shape tell us more about our character than we thought!

Having absolutely opposed the aesthetic operations made to look better, Haner said, "Because of a certain reason, you have come to the world with your face lines!" He says and adds: "Accept and love yourself as you are."

The personality analysis Haner makes according to the lip shapes:

1. Round Lips

If the part of your upper lip that makes an "M" has more rounded lines, that is, it looks like a small "m" letter, you are in the "Round Lips" category.

Those who have rounded lips are extremely detailed and kind people. When it comes to affection, nobody is better than them. They care about people and their relationships. They also expect the same courtesy and interest. When they feel that they are valued, they become very happy and make you happy as well.

2. Heart Shaped Lips

If the part of your upper lip that makes the "M" point is pointed, and your lip shape looks like a heart in general, then you have to say "Heart Shaped Lips!"

People with heart-shaped lips are very, very social in their lives. They are also creative and agile. Although this witty intelligence causes them to speak without thinking, they are individuals who have overcome communication problems so that they can recover even in the most difficult of situations. They have the soul of an artist and are deeply romantic. It's great to love them!

3. Thin Lips

If both your lower lip and upper lip are thin, you enter this category too!

Those with thin lips often love loneliness. They don't have to worry about attracting attention or being popular in the environment. Being in their own way is what makes them the happiest. They prefer to be comfortable in their relationship and to be able to behave like themselves. Don't get me wrong, this situation doesn't make them a bad relationship person. They just wait for their boundaries to be respected and they can build strong relationships with those who do.

4. Full Lips

If both your lower lip and upper lip are full, let's take you here!

Those who have full lips are very self-sacrificing to humans. People in their lives are very important, and there is nothing they won't do for them. They don't see it as a burden, but on the contrary, they enjoy it. In fact, wonderful parents often come out of people with thick lips; best friends as well ... Because they don't care about interests in relationships, they form deep bonds. In a nutshell, they are good people, love them! ☺️

5. Regular Lips

If your lips are neither too thin nor too thick, that is, of average size and structure, you have regular lips.

Those who have regular lips enjoy balance in their relationships. Happiness is inevitable with them. Because they hate both the tideful relationship and the dramas created in that relationship. They don't want too much attention, but that doesn't mean they don't care. In a nutshell, they are wonderful people in every way. If you found them, hug, don't leave them. Because people like them are a bit hard to find!

6. Lips that have unclear upper lines

If you have lips that the upper lines are unclear, then you're in this category!

Those who have this lip shape are very friendly and sincere. They care more about the people around them than themselves. Although these features sometimes harm them, they never complain about. They are responsible. It is also good to have fun with them and to marry them.

7. Short Lips

Short & Full Lips

Those with both short (transverse) and full lips first think of themselves in relationships. When they realize that they have as much interest and love as they should, they have incredible loyalty to their relationships and of course to their partners . They're difficult, however, if you conquer their heart, they do everything they can to make your life better.

Short & Thin Lips

Short (transverse), but those with thin lips have a shy character. They may have a little difficulty communicating with other people. However, after they start liking the other person, they break their walls. After that? Real and true sincerity ...

8. Lips That Have Almost No Upper Lip

Those who have this lip shape like to work. They are ambitious and disciplined. They transform dreams into goals and accomplish them one by one. It's a bit hard for them to take somebody into their world. If they can find time to love someone, they do it right. They take their relationship on their backs and continue to pursue their dreams and goals.

9. Wide and Full Lips

If your lips are wide and full, then take your seat here!

Those who have this lip structure like to talk. Their communication skills are improved a lot. It's impossible not to be influenced by their words. They're also generous and helpful besides being good with words!

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