Weirdest Show Of History: DNA Test On Live TV Reveals If You're The Father


The show, which of course was aired in the USA, is basically a live DNA test on TV. Allegedly fathers are DNA tested and revealed on The Maury Show. There is so much drama going on, it will make you forget the Kardashians. 😂😂

The Maury Show with the show's host, Maury Povich, brings a woman, a kid and an alleged father to the studio.

The men who are believed to be the father are DNA tested to reveal who the real father actually is. Of course, things don't go that smoothly, as a lot of rejection and drama awaits.

This show is full of nervous waiting and interesting reactions. 😂

Here is a guy who just found out he's not the father...

Here you can see a happy twerk after the DNA test reveals the woman was right.

Congratulations, you're the father!

The sad party, usually men, tends to walk away from the show when things don't go their way.

On the contrary, you can see many crazy dance moves from the delighted women.

The audience looks very involved, being a part of this exciting event.

This man and his wife are glad that he didn't knock up another woman. 😅

Another one...

He looks so sure...


Another sprint...

The show's ratings broke a record.

Very interesting. 😅

Just when we thought we had already seen the weirdest things on TV... 😅

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