We Have A Happy Ending! Viral Teenager Breaks Twitter Record And Wendy's Responds!


Wendy's is known to roast it's follower's on Twitter. That's not new. What is new is Wendy's is going viral again. But this time they're not roasting anyone...

What is going on then?


2. This tweet was the beginning of everything!

Carter Wilkerson is your average 16 year old teeanager from Nevada. He had one simple question for the food chain.


4. Wilkerson accepted the challenge. Up to this day, the most retweeted tweet ever is Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie.

3.3 Million retweets to be exact.


6. Wilkerson passed the 2 million mark with the help of companies, celebrities and random people from around the world.

Basically, everyone was involved.

7. Even companies hopped on to the bandwagon by offering Wilkerson even more motivation.



10. People can't stop making jokes and the hashtag NuggsForCarter becomes a trending topic.



13. On Tuesday, Wilkerson's plea for a year of free nuggets officially become the most retweeted tweet ever.

With more than 3.4 MILLION retweets!

14. "Consider it done." he said...

15. People from all around the world have the same question...

16. This is literally history in the making!

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