Wait A Minute! Intelligence Isn't Inherited From Mothers?


It was said that children are more likely to inherit intelligence from their mothers because intelligence genes are located on the X chromosomes (and mothers have two).

But a research study has found that this is not the case!

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/emilywilling...

Mothers do tend to have two X chromosomes, but they aren’t identical chromosomes, and of course, they got one of them from their fathers.


Mothers generally pass only one X to their children (after the two X chromosomes engage a little genetic swapping themselves), and those children in turn receive the second sex chromosome (X or Y) from their fathers.

Whatever is on the X can pass from mother to child or father to (usually) daughter.


But the two X chromosomes the mother has aren’t the same and don’t at all automatically double the odds of inheriting a specific variant.

But there’s more.


You may know that many people walk around with two of these huge chromosomes whereas others of us seem to function just fine with one. The doubled “gene dosage” for people with two (or more) X chromosomes is adjusted downward in a clever way: each cell turns off most of one X or the other. So inheriting an X-linked gene variant isn’t a guarantee that it will even be used because some cells might just shut it down.

Everyone has at least one X chromosome.


When you inherit an X chromosome (which you have done if you are reading this), short of a major deletion, you’re getting whatever genes are on that chromosome, linked to intelligence or not.

So let’s get this out of the way: Intelligence is complicated.


While maybe half of our intelligence as we currently define and measure it is inherited, that proportion is in turn fractured into many many genetic variants scattered across our genomes.

As a result, there's no such thing as an intelligence gene. There are many factors that affect our intelligence.


This isn't the X chromosome or the mother. This is not even about genes!

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