Try Hard: 14 Things You Can Never Change About A Man!


Men can hardly give up their routines, habits or even looks. They like to keep their lives running around their rituals. Whether call it a comfort zone or habit, here are 14 things you can't easily change about a man!

1. His barber.

Men hardly change his hairdresser, unless he dies or something.

2. The team he supports!

Totally non-negotiable!

3. His car...

Something very hard to give up for someone who names his car or won’t let anyone else to drive.

4. His razor.

Though it's recommended to change once a month, men tend to maintain a long term relationship with their razors, lasting at least for 6 months.

5. Commuting route...

There might be shorter, more interesting or less jammed alternatives... Doesn’t matter, a man’s regular commuting route is immutable.

6. His weekend getaway!

Picnic, long weekend or leisure stay; a man doesn’t change his weekend getaway as long as he feels satisfied.

7. Hairstyle

Unlike women, men don’t like to change their hairstyles except for the ‘fluctuation’ period between senior high school and college sophomore years.

8. Pre-match rituals & superstitions!

Knowing that the fate of the game is in his hands, a man never changes his pre-match ritual that will bring glory to his team!

9. His romantic words

If it works, it works! A man never give up his customary words for romantic moments.

10. Gifts to buy for special occasions...

Flower, jewelry, book, chocolate or maybe shoes… A man’s imagination is limited to these options when it comes to buying presents.

11. His favorite drink...

A man knows very well what just boosts his mood or what makes him
embarrassingly wasted. So he does not like to change his choice of alcohol except for special occasions.

12. His daily routine

Work, come home, eat, watch TV, go online, brush teeth, sleep, wake up and work again... Men can overreact to anything he sees as a threat to this routine.

13. His watch

A man tends to stick by his–almost- only accessory: his watch either watch or he dies

14. Pickup tactics

Being an expert on seducing women, a man uses the same, proven pickup line for years.

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