True Love Begins When You Start Popping Each Others' Pimples


Here are 7 reasons why popping each others' pimples is a very important part of being in a healthy relationship.

1. It shows that you know he/she is just a regular human.

When you are in a relationship you might forget that your partner is also a human. It also applies to you. You might act as if you never fart or you never smell bad. That's why popping each others' pimples reminds you of the fact that at the end, you both are just human.

2. It shows that you both value the little secrets you have.

Having inside jokes is a very cute things for couples. For example, talking about that time when you popped his/her pimple and the pus flew all the way to the mirror and laughing about it can be quite fun.

3. It shows that you like taking care of your sweetheart.

Just as you might go shopping to pick a gift for your partner, you can also show how much you care by cleaning him/her up. At the end, you are helping them look better.

4. It shows that you two have a rare bond.

Watching a movie, going out for ice cream or cooking together is just too mediocre for you two. Of course, doing those is also lots of fun, however what makes your relationship different is popping each others' pimples. Everybody is up for fun, but the real deal is being there for each other during unpleasant times, as well.

5. It shows that you are ready to do anything for your significant other.

Be it problems at work or pimples, you are ready and willing to do everything to help your sweetheart and make him/her happy. You know no limits if it is about making your significant other smile.

6. You enjoy the comfort of being able to be yourselves together.

We all know what happens when you pop a pimple. Letting your significant other to do it for you, symbolically, shows that you aren't scared of being yourselves around each other. You can't trust a person who you don't let see the real you. Your significant other should know what lies under the face that you show to the outer world, both metaphorically and literally.

7. It shows that you are vulnerable enough to let someone scar you.

Sometimes, when you pop a zit, it leaves a scar, and sometimes when you let people in, they might leave a scar by leaving you or hurting you. However, love is not real when you can't be totally vulnerable next to your significant other. This might be scary, it might hurt you in the end, but the feeling of opening up to somebody fully is worth all of it.

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