Total YOLO Mode: ON! Start Drinking In Essex And End Up In Barcelona!


Like all drunk and funny stories, this one also DOES NOT start with "So I was having this lovely dinner the other day..."

21 year old finance consultant Alexander Caviel from Essex, went out just as every other weekend to have a couple of drinks with his pals. 

However, Caviel drank a bit too much because when he was sober, he found himself in freaking BARCELONA! WOW!

1. Alex just recently started checking out this cool bar with his friend James during weekends in Chelmsford.

As usual, our heroes hit the local bar again as usual last weekend.

2. According to the eye witnesses and their friends, Alexander just did a couple of Jager shots straight ahead!

He then added up some more drinks. Alexander was not your typical British drinker so his plan did not include getting completely smashed. So the night was going on all smoothly but a bit blurry...

3. As they had more and more drinks, they craved for munchies and hit a local, small restaurant after leaving the bar.

And it started getting very interesting in here...Alex lost James all of a sudden!

4. Last thing he remembered was a bus heading to the airport as he was looking for James.

And then he thought how lovely it would be to just go and take a flight somewhere nice. However, he does not remember getting on the bus!

5. When gets to the airport, he buys a ticket for 200 Euros and takes a flight!

He wakes up in the plane, takes some selfies and sends them to his friends, falling asleep RIGHT after.

6. Feeling just a bit more sober, he leaves the plane, only to realize he was in Barcelona!

Having enough money and his passport with him, Alexander comes up with a brand new and such a 'bright' plan as he was totally shocked!

7. He decides to drink more to cure his state and starts sending more photos to his friends!

After buying a bottle of champagne for 90 euros and getting drunk again, he hits downtown!

8. He makes brand new friends with that drunken self confidence and closeness. 😂

As he made new Spanish friends, he made sure he had enough photos to remember!

9. He keeps dancing, drinking and taking more and more selfies.

Again, he says he does not remember these parts clearly.

10. He stops at points thinking what he is doing with his life but then again he goes all YOLO and drinks MORE!

He clearly made a gigantic adventure!

11. He wandered around in the streets in the morning after he woke up.

His pain can be clearly seen!

12. He thinks it's not wise to just head back and he finds a hotel room to spend the rest of the day.

He spent the whole weekend in Barcelona! After all, he made new friends there!

13. All he had with him during all this mess were these items.

A plastic bag instead of a carry on should be comfy.

14. In the end, he's clearly very happy to have experienced all this as the was heading back home to England.

We can only hope Alexander goes out drinking again and shows us all his brand new adventures!

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