Top 9 Ridiculous Movie Plots To Make You Lose Faith In Cinema!

> Top 9 Ridiculous Movie Plots To Make You Lose Faith In Cinema!

Romantic comedies when you’re in love, fantasy movies for your imagination, or mystery movies for your mind... There is a cure for everything in cinema. But if you want to go completely mad, we have 9 movie suggestions for you to smash your brain for good.

By watching just one movie each day, you can destroy your sense of reality. It’s recommended to take them hungry at night and with no news channel watching beforehand.

1. Chucky (1988) - A murderer trapped in a doll’s body messes up the place

This movie  is beyond being ridiculous.  A serial killer named Charles Lee Ray got shot when running from the cops and manages to get captured in a doll’s body just before he dies. An imbecile pair of parents gives this doll to their kid as a birthday gift and the story moves on. Chucky wanders around killing whoever shows up. It’s a mystery why no one takes this little f*cker and just burns him. Well, there it is, you’re staring into the void with an idiotic look on your face.

2. King Kong (1933) - A gigantic gorilla falls in love with a blonde

In this stupidly sad story, a woman sacrificed by a clan is given to a monstrous ape and he just, well, yes, falls in love with her. They take this enormous pet to New York City. After a series of torturous events, our lovely ape tears up the whole city and kidnaps the woman. Heavens... Love is blind.  The movie is very important for film history indeed, yet you can’t stop but think “Ok, wtf did I just watch?”

3. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) - Alien clowns kill people and spin them into cotton candy.

We still have no idea what exactly went wrong in the 80s, but this movie could only be a product of that decade’s insanity. Murderer clowns kill the whole town and and turn them into cotton candy. Balloons, candies, shadow plays, and all sort of colorful objects in the background seem like they were specially designed to keep little children away from the joys of life altogether. Complete madness. What was wrong with cotton candy, for god’s sake?!

4. Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) - The operation of saving the woman from mutant asshole frogmen

There’s this guy named Hell. Women are living safely in a world they built away from the reign of frogmen. A bunch of women, however, need to be rescued from those bastards. They make Hell wear a metal speedo that will blow his balls up if he ever aborts the mission. See? Haven’t gone insane yet? Good. What you see going on in the frogmen’s harem will keep you high for days.

5. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978) - Killer tomatoes who hate off-key human voices start attacking people

Killer tomatoes rise up and start off their journey from the sea, the land, and from the kitchen. But you can never understand how they managed to do this. At the end of the movie, you just figure out that their weak point is their musical ears. They run as soon as they hear an off-key voice. The musical score, on the other hand, is amazing. Not only your understanding of tomatoes, but your perception of life will be completely changed.

6. Rubber (2010) - A killer tire is obsessed with a girl

I don’t really want to say that this is a bad movie. But it is so crazy that I couldn’t help myself putting this into the list. Our hero here is, first of all, lovely af. But as soon as you see it smashing plastic bottles, you understand that he’s a psycho. He wanders around in the desert blowing up heads. Audiences with binoculars watching the whole thing with you contributes to the ridiculousness of the movie.

They admit that there’s no point to the plot: “No reason!” God made this tire the way it is. He’s obsessed with a girl, he spies on her, stalks her and everything. The idea of a stalker tire will make your head turn into a goose down cushion.

7. Night of the Lepus (1972) - Bunnies who are supposed to be eating carrots and be the cuties they are start eating people.

Idiot scientists are conducting some experiments on rabbits. Guess what happens next?  Yes, let me introduce you to giant killer bunnies. These horrendous creatures break whoever shows up into pieces. They are so cute that you don’t even get scared a bit, but laugh the whole time. Whoever came up with this idea must be totally insane.

8. Sharknado (2013) - It’s raining sharks from the sky. Enjoy.

A genius must have come to the office with great enthusiasm and started telling his idea for a new movie plot: Man, wouldn't it be great if tornadoes take the sharks from the sea and bring them all the way to us?” So there it goes: You watch sharks raining from the sky during the whole movie. In the final scene, our hero enters the inside if the shark from its mouth and exits from, well, somewhere else. You’ll just love it.

9. Bad Biology (2008) - Crazy penis leaves the man’s body and start attacking women

9. Bad Biology (2008) - Crazy penis leaves the man’s body and start attacking women

We have a man and a woman in this story. I mean, as always... The woman has god knows how many clitorises that kill men. And the man’s penis is just plain mad. He can’t put up with it anymore and starts giving it injections and stuff to hold it together, but the penis is its own person, y’know. God knows how, when they just meet and are about to live happily ever after, the penis falls off and terrorizes the whole town. A penis drilling walls will make you stop eating for days, but your sense of reality will be destroyed. Enjoy the show.