This Week On Weird Inventions: Love It Or Hate It

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These are the inventions you can't help but look at and think "What is this for?"

In this technology age, we see many groundbreaking innovations that take the humanity further. There are so many inventions made every day, some of them aren't really that useful. We piled up some of the most useless gadgets for you to enjoy.


1. Contact lens jewelry is designed for people who want to look like a weird teardrop is stuck hanging out from their eyes.

2. This gun phone case is for people who want to look gangster and give other people heart attacks when they enter the supermarket.

3. Diet water is for people who claim that even drinking water makes them gain weight.

4. Gardening sleeves are for you if you are too lazy to do your laundry and are left only with short sleeve t-shirts. Now you can add the sleeve by yourself!

5. Poop alarm is for parents who can't realize from the smell that their baby has pooped. If that is even possible.

6. If your pet loves to be petted by being smacked on the back with a sponge this one is for you. If not, maybe you can try to clean your shoes with it.

7. "Please get out Mr. Pebbles you are taking too long.."

8. Poo Trap! For your dog to wiggle his poop while walking.

9. Has your fish ever seen the neighborhood park? Now you can enjoy walks together.

10. Picnic pants let you eat on your crotch...

11. Just hope that your phobia doesn't pop up in your face. Oh, and it's 3D!

12. The moment all drive through workers were waiting for! Turn your car into a restaurant in an instant.

13. You don't have to sweat your ass of to get abs anymore. Get your 6-pack in only seconds now!

14. If you only wanted your genitals to go into the sauna and couldn't figure out how to do it, somebody else figured it out for you!

15. Only thing chickens didn't get to experience until now must be this.

16. 'Honey can you pass my plastic handle? You know I can't drink this otherwise.'

17. In history, some inventions ended up killing people. This actually looks like it might be one of those.

18. Dream came true! Now you can wear the same underwear with your partner at the same time. If you don't have a partner, you can wear it all by yourself and start a new fashion craze.

19. If you are too lazy to get your rear mirror fixed.

20. We should all carry these handsets with us in case we are bored of 2016.

21. Aaand best illusion ever!
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