This Crazy Dude Got Breast Implants For A $100,000 Bet! :)


Well, I guess no man feels as confident with his masculinity as this dude. We could discuss hard and long about getting women's breasts for $100,000, but this man just went ahead and did it! Let's learn more about this hilarious, crazy man!

The name of this man is Brian Zembic.

You might think that he is mentally unwell, but there is actually no proof on that matter. It actually doesn't concern us, but it is difficult not to comment on it.

He is a real gambler.

This man, who was born in Canada in 1961, is a professional gambler specializing in backgammon and blackjack. Towards the end of the '90s, he announced himself as the guy 'who could do anything to win a bet' and became famous.

But the best bet he made was this crazy move in 1996.

Jobo, a friend of Zembic's who was also a gambler, came out one day and promised him $100,000 if Zembic got breast implants and kept them for a year. Zambic loved the idea of money and accepted the challenge quite readily.

Size 40 boobz!

Zembic, who didn't waste any time, found a surgeon quickly and got his surgery, and also his size 40 breasts. And he did make a deal with Jobo that he would carry the twins around at least for a whole year. Jobo gave the money to a fiduciary so that Brian could access it easily in case he won the bet.

And he was proud of his titties!

After a year, Brian was eligible to take his $100,000. However, having spent a year with them, he realized that he loved his boobies and decided to keep them. He is also aware that his boobs bring him fame, so in 2016, he still has his implants! He is quite happy to be living with them!

And he is celebrating the 20th anniversary this year!

Brian says he is planning on keeping his implants for the rest of his life. But we have to tell you a short story to really capture his gambling side: when he first visited a doctor to get his implants, he convinced the doctor to play backgammon and he took $5,000 from the doctor by the end of the first hour. That's how his operation turned out to be for free.

And lastly, when he first showed his boobs to his friends, they laughed their asses off for about a good 10 minutes. Jobo told Brain that it was the best $100,000 he had ever lost. 

The lesson of the post: think twice before you bet and gamble!

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