This Common Ingredient Will Make You Much More Attractive To Women!


Science finally proves that the key to a girl’s heart is in fact found in the kitchen. Our magic ingredient is: garlic! We know it’s not what comes to mind when you think of a “nice” smell, but this study published in Hansanugrum & Barringer claims that men smell more attractive to women after consuming garlic!

You have probably heard a lot of suggestions on what to do to become more attractive to women.

Many of them are nothing more than age old cliches that have no benefits whatsoever. We think they were created by super attractive men who don’t need any “techniques” anyway.

Well, we have a scientifically proven method...

Let's take a look.

We already know that garlic is good for a variety of diseases ranging from food poisoning to blood pressure as it increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood.

It is also a natural antibiotic, has an aphrodisiac effect, and strengthens the memory.

Beyond these known facts, a much more interesting effect of garlic was found in a study conducted in Prague.

According to research published by psychologists, women tend to find men more attractive after they eat garlic and they actually thought that men smell “nice” with a garlic smell in their mouths.

That doesn’t make any sense? I know...

But that really is the case.

In fact, relevant scientific experiments were carried out and this theory was proven.

Psychologists at Charles University in Prague have formed a team of 42 men and a group of women. Later, these men were also separated into two subgroups.

While the men in the first group did not consume any garlic, the other group ate around 12 grams of garlic.

The men in the first group were asked to stay away from everything that could change the smell of their sweat.

A pad was placed under the armpits of the men and they were forbidden to eat anything that could change the smell of their sweat like onion, cabbage, pepper and vinegar for 12 hours.

Exercise and smoking were also forbidden.

After 12 hours, these pads were removed and 82 women were asked to smell them.

So, what do you think the result is?

Yes, the smell of the sweat of men who consumed garlic was found to be more pleasant and attractive by women.

In order to make sure that the experiment provided reliable data, women were asked to smell the same men’s sweat when they did not consume any garlic. This time, women didn’t find them as attractive as they did in the first time.

So we may see plenty of garlic-scented cologne on the market in the near future. What do you think?
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