The Stylish Princess To Change Your Ideas About Saudi Arabia!


Saudi Arabia...A land of prejudice, fear and barren lands...For years, we thought people of this country suffered greatly and knew nothing about style as the West portrayed them covered all in black. But guess what, Saudi Arabia's new princess will destroy all your prejudices!

The women of Saudi Arabia have to cover all of their bodies.

These women have to wear a special dress called a burqa, which covers the body from head to toe, with mesh for the eyes.

These women still have limited driving rights.

Did you know that Saudi Arabia comes last in the world ranking of women's rights?

Now there is someone who could change all your previous opinions about Saudi Arabia.

Meet Deena Abdulaziz!

She is the bride of the Saudi Arabia's Royal Family...

She is a real princess!

Deena's trademark is her inspiring style!

Deena realized her interest and talent in fashion. She even opened up a boutique where she can reflect her style.


When you look at her photos, you'll see that she has signature style!

She is very talented in adapting trends with her own style!

She has lived in New York for a long time. Her style is living proof of the city's impact!

Geometric cuts and bold colors are Deena's favorite.

She took all the attention with her style at the fashion weeks she attended for her boutique.

You can see her in the Front Row at the next fashion week. Fashion world loves Deena!

Designers have started to make custom designs for Deena.

Christian Louboutin created a collection called Deena, inspired from Deena's obsession for shoes.

Deena has started working to bring well-known brands to the women of Riyadh.

She asked Diane von Furstenberg to lengthen her famous envelope dresses.

Furstenberg has accepted her request and created longer envelope dresses for Deena to sell in D'NA!

We don't know if Deena can manage to change the overall sense of fashion of Arabic women.

However, it's no doubt that she is definitely a strong influence with her modern style!

Here are some snapshots of Deena's streetstyle...
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