The Painful Truth Behind Turning 25!


"What do you want to do when you grow up?" Answering that question was easy when we were kids. We could easily imagine how our life will be when we are 25.

Now, we are exactly at that age we dreamed of. However, we had different dreams than paying the bills on a regular basis. 

We sometimes would like to go back in time to get rid of the uncertainties of our life because we know that life is not like our childhood dreams.

What are these painful truths behind turning 25?

1. You should've got engaged by now. Instead, you are still using dating apps.

2. There is no improvement in your cooking skills. Yet, you've become the master of ordering pizza.

3. Though you have many ideas about how to decorate your place, you still live with your roommates.

4. You expected that you'll find your way through your professional life. From work clothes to work ethic, you still have no clue what you are doing.

5. You believed that you'll be the youngest manager in the company. Instead, you learned to live with the minimum wage.

6. Calm and peaceful dinner parties while you're taking a sip of your red wine? You're a regular of the same pub since college.

7. You thought you rocked being a professional with your killer CV. Yet, you still ask Google how you're going to write a personal statement.

8. Thinking of asking for a raise? Well, maybe you should focus on finishing that internship first.

9. You still use credit cards with student privileges, guaranteeing your future is secondary at the moment.

10. You're dreamed of marriage proposals going around, yet there is no single candidate.

11. You thought you'd have a savings account, yet you hardly manage your current bills.

12. You were sure that you'd be on your own by the time you turned 25. Yet, you still need financial support from your parents.

13. According to your calculations, you should've had a permanent job by now. Yet, even your friendships are temporary.

14. 25 is the ideal age for having children. Well, maybe not. You still have to figure things out.

15. You were sure that you'd become a responsible adult. Yet, you still don't know the exact definition of responsibility.

16. Instead of finishing that graduate degree you dreamed of, you are finishing bottles and bottles of wine.

17. That student loan you signed up for years ago? You're still struggling to pay that.

18. That ambitious person, who wanted to become Hollywood's next genius, is now okay with hanging out on IMDB.

19. You thought you'd improve things with your family, yet you only call them when you need money.

20. You would really like to say that everything is under control. Instead, you feel like you are aimlessly wandering around.

21. Thinking about buying your own place? Maybe. Just focus on paying your rent first.

22. Being the CEO of your own startup is still a dream.

23. Just like everybody, you wanted to travel around the world. Nowadays, you think twice before you buy a plane ticket.

24. "I'm gonna buy whatever I want." You consider yourself lucky if you manage to buy one item from the store.

25. You should have settled down by now. However, you consider yourself lucky if you ever find someone that replies to your texts.

26. That successful career? You're only waiting for Friday evening to come.

27. Friends are forever. You now realize that you're lucky if you have few good friends around you.
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