The Optical Illusion Holiday Snap Keeps On Shocking People!


A photo that you would see on Facebook suddenly and be shocked. This photo from the Mirror is just an optical illusion driven by our dirty minds. :D

When we share a photo on Facebook we generally expect to get a few likes and forget about it later.

However, it wasn't the same for this couple.

A reddit user shared the incident that happened to a friend in a post.

According to what this user said, a friend has shared a photo she took with her boyfriend on Facebook. They were sitting happily in a small boat. 

The woman sharing the photo on Reddit wrote: "My friend posted a new profile pic with her boyfriend and everyone took a double take..."

Most probably, the ones with pure souls couldn't get the picture...

In fact, they're an innocent couple sitting together. The woman's leg is on the lap of the man, and the man's hand rests on the knee of the woman.

Ohh, human brain... You never know how what it will come up with. :)
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