The Most Beautiful Woman Of 2016: Stephanie Del Valle


Every time there is a post introducing beautiful women, there are always some haters who just feel like they HAVE TO make a negative comment. Well, haters, good luck with finding something wrong with this one. Remember, maybe it is just time for you to get your eyes checked.

Stephanie Del Valle...

She is only 19 years old.

After winning the title of the most beautiful woman in Puerto Rico, she also won the first place in Miss World 2016. She is officially the most beautiful woman in the world.

And she really does deserve her title.

Exceeding 116 other beauty queens, she mesmerizes everyone with her amazing smile.

Stephanie, who is a part-time musician and model, continues her studies at Pace University in New York.

She speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Stephanie defines herself as a perfectionist.

She doesn't like following new trends and is in love with the culinary arts and theater.

She is 5'9" tall (178 cm) and she looks like a swan on the catwalk.

She has only recently become known and still has 22,000 followers on Instagram. Soon, the number of her followers will increase dramatically.

Despite the sunglasses that cover her face, it is still possible to see how beautiful this young woman is.

But what is the secret of her perfect body?

Exercising, obviously.

She also works with children with down-syndrome and helps them with musical therapy.

Her life philosophy is "You will succeed if you believe."

And as we can see, she has both believed and succeeded.

We thank this beautiful young woman for making both our hearts and eyes happy!

We wish her lots of success!
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