The Guy Who Spent 3 Years On Proposing To His Girlfriend Takes The Bar Up TOO DAMN HIGH!

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For this couple, there was a question asked with patience that took 3 years: 'Will you marry me?' Our romantic lover Timothy made his marriage proposal to his girlfriend with love letters, but he did it with a plan that really was genius. Let's see what he did that totally shocked his girlfriend according to Boredpanda.


Timothy and Candice recently got married after 3 years of dating.

When the couple first got together back in 2013, Timothy began writing Candice love letters

Each letter contained part of a secret message.

After a while, there were 14 letters.

Once he hit 14 letters, the two sat down and read each one, and eventually, the message was revealed through the first capital letter of each note: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Candice was shocked and said 'yes' to her romantic lover!

“I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard,” said Candice.

Timothy also wrote a song for her 2 months into their relationship, and serenaded her with it on their wedding day.

Let’s hope this couple is in for a lifetime of surprising each other in the sweetest ways.
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