The Cutest Intruder Ever! This Fox Fell Asleep On Top A Microwave!


A family had the surprise when they came downstairs to have breakfast. A fox was sleeping on the top of their microwave!

A fox was found snoozing on top of a microwave after it sneaked into a family's house at London.

Family had surprised when they came downstairs to have breakfast.

Mother of home immediately called the RSPCA after her daughter found the fox.

Plants were smashed and there was mud everywhere they said. The daughter put the light on and saw that he didn't move. 
She said: "My daughter found him at 7am and called up to me. I came down and spotted this little fox curled up on top of the microwave."

She thought "there was something wrong with him."

The fox was taken to animal hospital. 

A hospital spokesperson said: "Fortunately he was quite healthy with a beautiful fluffy coat, so after a thorough check over he was released back to the area he was found in by one of the hospital staff. Good luck Mr Fox!"

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