The Art Of Napkin Folding In 20 Original Creations


This list is for you if you want to fold stuff but you are sick of making triangles out of paper. Or if you don't want to lay the napkins flat on the table anymore. Whatever the reason, here are 20 little napkin creations to satisfy your art crave!

1. These too cute to be true bunny napkins!

Maybe the perfect choice for your kid's birthday.

2. This windmill toy.

Can become the must-have of summer parties.

3. Ho ho hooo... Santa Claus is early this year!

A perfect creation for the New Year's!

4. Another New Year's creation!

5. Everything is in its place!

Tidiness just got to another level.

6. These little pretty bows...

7. Or this hilarious little tuxedo.

8. These majestic peacocks...

You can create fancier ones with a couple of feathers.

9. Who would think napkins can have different purposes...

Like being a bread plate.

10. Or like becoming egg holders...

11. You can use different colors of napkins to create colorful layers...

12. Speaking of colors...

13. A nice gesture for Valentine's Day...

14. Practice makes everything perfect!

Your kids will love it...

15. Don't be scared to catch the harmony with same color napkins...

16. And have trust in the contrast colors...

17. A little napkin can change everything...

18. Like this little elf hat with its pompom...

19. If you don't want to put too much work into it...

You can always create an illusion with patterned napkins!

20. Your guests got mail!

How cute would it be, if these napkins had little notes in it?

Trust your own imagination and fold some napkins!

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