The 23 Worst Kinds of Inconsiderate People


These people play with our nerves and push our patience limits. It’s very, very easy to identify them, but we still would like to point out the most annoying types. We hope they read and stop torturing us... maybe?!

Cover photo by: Huffington Post

1. People who leave the table like this:

2. -_______-

3. People who think their car is the only car in the world.

4. People who're pretty chill about leaving the shopping cart wherever they want to.

5. Or the ones who leave their trash in the cart.

6. People who leave trash on the shelf also exist, unfortunately..

7. People who think they can leave the fitting room like this.

8. The ones who feel at home at the grocery store.

9. People who stop in the middle of the intersection because they're too cool to stop at the first seconds of the red light.

10. The ones who can’t see a difference between the beach and a garbage can.

11. People who accept this as a 'cleaning up' after camping or grilling.

12. People who feel comfortable occupying the extra seats when the bus is full as hell.

13. Who do anything similar to this.

14. The ones who don't hesitate to leave their garbage in the movie theater like this.

15. People who ignore the existence of turn signals.

16. People who mistake a plant for a garbage can.

Because they look very similar..

17. People who enjoy flashing headlights and put everyone in danger by making us all blind. 👏

18. Who drop the weights on the ground at the gym.

You leave your clothes on the ground at home too right? Sure thing.

19. -_____-

20. The ones who create such scenes when shopping

21. The ones who tip like an a*shole.

22. Who honk at people a split-second after the light turns green.

23. People who think nature is for them to mess up.

Please go live on another planet, like, please. 😑

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