Straight From The Source: The Best Ways For Women To Climax, According To Women!

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A significant gender inequality that is rarely discussed is the orgasm gap between men and women. Meaning that only 30 percent of women orgasm from sex compared to 74 percent of men.

How To Make Me Come is an incredibly authentic blog of 83 posts so far, made up of letters to the men they’ve had sex with, or just of their sexual stories. 

The anonymous blog gives a very real voice to sex from the women’s perspective…there couldn’t be a better place to find the best ways to make a woman orgasm, Huffington Post reports.


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Orgasms can take anywhere from two minutes to an hour (or longer). so be patient with women, and take pleasure in every second you’re pleasuring her. One user said ‘It takes a while. Sometimes I’ll masturbate for 45 minutes before I get anywhere.’ Another pointed out that ‘when it comes to the female orgasm, patience is key.’

Be gentle

Of course, in sex-ed class no one is taught how to pleasure a woman, and a lot of men tend to be way too heavy handed. There are 8000 nerve endings on a clitoris, and if you dive in there at 100mph with a heavy hand, they don’t have a chance to warm up and have nowhere to gradually build up to. One woman wrote, "When you are going down on me, begin by just making out with my pussy. Just lay sweet kisses all over it, then focus on my clit. Be gentle. I repeat, be gentle. Another one said, when you start touching a breast, and it causes a little noise of pleasure, you carry on doing just that – you don’t speed up or go rough. My tit is not a piece of dough you are trying to knead. My nipple is not the button on a radio, where you’re trying to find the right station. A tit should not be pulled. It was all just far too brash and aggressive and simply unenjoyable – it made me worry that if we did have sex, you’d hurt me, not because of penis size, but because you would just be banging away, I fear, and it would be painful and, frankly, self-centred."

Don't stop kissing

For some reason, once a couple gets into a sexual rhythm and things start moving further, men just stop kissing women. What people don’t realize is that kissing is something that turns a lot of women on, and the women in the blog hammer this point home. A woman wrote: "Kiss me lots. Kissing tends to be the first thing to go when someone is more worried about their dick than the shared experience. Kissing me will make me feel like I am more than a vagina (which I am) and will make me really wet (which will help both of us later on, trust me)."

Let her know how much you are enjoying it, but also tease.

The balance between giving and holding back can make sex incredible. The tease and build-up before an orgasm can make it so much more intense. One woman wrote: "Let me know how much you want to get with me. But don’t act on it. Tell me, but don’t touch me. I have to come to you. And I will come to you if I want it enough. But first I have to battle myself, over and over, to get to that point where I accept that I want it and I am brave enough to do it. If I feel like I am being forced into something, I will run and hide forever. Tell me via text, tell me by whispering into my ear in public, tell me with your eyes. It doesn’t matter how, but just tell me and then leave it. I will probably want to rip your clothes off at the next opportunity."

Do not point your tongue, under any circumstances.

This is the number one rule of oral sex. I have never met a woman who enjoyed the sensation of a hard, pointy tongue violently flicking any sensation out of her clitoris. One user wrote: "Circles with your tongue are great. I hate flicking. I see it in porn all the time and I don’t get it. Let your tongue be wide and slightly firm, I HATE that thing when a tongue gets all hard and pointy at the tip."

Open communication about what she wants.

A lot of men let their ego get in the way of their sex lives, and many women on the blog experience nervousness about voicing what they want out of sex. As if it is wrong to tell a man he is doing something wrong. One blogger wrote: "We shroud this type of communication in shame and vulnerability. First, we’re told from a young age that this is naughty stuff that we’re not supposed to talk about. In fact, we may even get in trouble for talking about it."

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