Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Upload Information Into The Brain

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We all remember that famous scene from the movie Matrix where Morpheus, who wants to stop the machines that keep the world under control, loads Kung Fu into Neo's brain and after learning Kung Fu from just lying on a bed, Neo wakes up and says this famous phrase: "I know Kung Fu." It seems that the fantasy created by this magnificent science fiction classic is about to turn into reality ...

Because scientists think they have found the way to upload information into the human brain.

The researchers say that the simulator they've developed can load new skills into the human mind in a short period of time, just like in The Matrix and claim that this innovation is the first step in information-loading technology into the brain that will evolve over time.

The study was conducted by HRL Laboratories in the state of California, USA.

The team, first examining the electrical signals in the brain of a trained pilot, then observed how successful they were in using a flight simulation by transferring this signal stream to their experiment participants.

The study published in the journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that the team has received the expected results.

Participants in the study were divided into two groups. Later on, both groups wore hats with electrodes on their heads. They were told that the information would be sent into their brains. However, the technique developed was applied to only one of these groups, so that the placebo effect that the study could produce was also observed. The results obtained proved that the group receiving information from the brains showed 33% higher success in aircraft use compared to the other group.

Dr. Matthew Phillips, researcher in the study, says:

"This is the first technology produced to upload information into the brain. Even though it sounds a bit like science fiction, there are a lot of scientific data that support the system we build. And the piloting skills we chose to test in the experiment is very difficult to be imitated because it requires both cognitive and motor functions It was an impossible task."

When we learn something, there are some physical changes in our brain.

This alteration in the brain is called neuroplasticity. This process shows that the connections in our brain change in the learning process, and that different connections are established and some are lost. In short, our brain is shaped and changed with the accumulation of the knowledge we have.

Neuroplasticity is a new phenomenon that we still have a lot to learn about.

For example, many studies conducted in recent years have revealed that many skills, such as speech and memory, are controlled by a small area of the brain. Dr. Phillips believes that skills such as driving or language learning can be transmitted directly to the human mind if we can make our brain map more conscious as time goes on.

Dr. Phillips states that when we perform a mission, our brains look very different and that with the increased knowledge of neuroplasticity, we know the brain better than ever, and that the task of loading information will be even easier. This, of course, may not be something we all want because of the changes that our understanding of knowledge will bring ...

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