20 Inventions From the Last 10 Years To Amaze You!

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As time flies by, the planet we live on keeps getting stranger and stranger. Here are 20 inventions that happened within the last decade:

Self-Driving Cars


Google's driverless car project started in 2008 and they have already started testing them in certain US cities. In 20 years or so, they will become the norm.



Apple's iPad came out in 2010 and it definitely became one of the life-changing items of the last ten years.


Amazon has created the first e-reader Kindle in November of 2007. This invention, that has caused a huge change in the publishing industry, is now used by millions of people all around the world.

Tesla cars


The Tesla Roadster reformed our understanding of electric cars when it came out in 2008: It could drive 310 miles on a single charge! Since then, they have come out with more styles as well.



Kickstarter opened its online doors on April 28 of 2009 and sites like Indiegogo, Gofundme and Patron followed it. They changed the idea of funding forever.



Curiosity, the space vehicle that was sent to discover Mars landed in 2011. Ever since then, it has been researching the conditions on Mars. In 2014, it even found water under the surface!

Augmented Reality


In 2014, Google introduced Google Glass - the first augmented reality project. Since then, they have been working on developing the glasses. Imagine games like Pokemon Go combined with the Google Glass!

Multi-Use Space Rockets


Until November of 2015, space rockets were single use which really increased the cost. Thanks to the inventions of companies Blue Origin and SpaceX, now we have reusable space rockets!

Sun Roofs


And we are not talking about the ones in your car! Although the first of these were created in 2005, it has become popularized within the last ten years. They look like regular roofs, however, they constantly produce electricity whenever the sun's energy is available.

Human-Like Robots


The biggest developments in this field happened in 2013-2014. Today, their ability to move and the strength of their codes are almost scary to many.

Tesla Powerwalls


In 2015, Tesla introduced the Powerwall. This product can provide electricity to a two bedroom house for a whole day on a single charge!

Genetic Engineering


In 2013, scientists were able to rearrange the genes of a monkey successfully. We are just starting to test this on humans, and the research focused on the treatment of cancer.

The Large Hadron Collider


The LHC came to be in 2008, and it is currently used to prove many theories in physics. The LHC is the biggest and the strongest accelerator we have today!



Although not as developed as they were in Back to the Future, in 2013, developers went on Kickstarter with their Hoverboard project and everyone loved them!

MaterniT® 21


Until the beginning of the 2010s, to learn about the health conditions of their baby, pregnant women had to go through a painful and risky process. Thanks to the system developed in 2012 by MaterniT® 21 and then used by others, now just a blood test is okay to tell the gender and the health of the baby.

Developments in Social Media


2006 was a cornerstone year for social media! Facebook opened its doors to anyone anywhere in the world older than 13. Twitter launched in the July of the same year. As we know, these two platforms changed people's experience with media and communication.

Smart Watches


Another development that took place in this decade is the smart watch technology. These watches can do almost anything our smartphones can do.

Drone Delivery


In summer of 2016, Amazon started trials of delivering with drones. Currently, it can only be used within two hours flying distance of the distribution centers. However, once there are significant developments with battery life and working under all weather conditions, these will become the deliverymen of the future!

Developments in Biomechanics


We have already 3D printed a thyroid gland and used it on a mouse, and a trachea that was used on a person. Currently, the scientists are working on successfully producing skin cells. Since the whole process starts with the stem cell of the person, there is no chance of incompatibility.

Bionic Eye


A company named Second Sight in the US started selling bionic eyes in 2013. With this technology, they place a camera in the eye and this eye transfer the data to the retina. Although it doesn't bring back perfect vision yet, scientists are working to perfect it.

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