13 Wireless Disadvantages Of Apple's AirPods!


Cables... They always tangle somehow and you spend hours untangling them. Well, this phase has come to an end with Apple's newest product: AirPods!

Apple recently announced the features of the upcoming iPhone 7.


Lots of new features to look forward!

The most prominent feature of the iPhone: There will be no wires to the earbuds and no headphone jack.


We're starting to say goodbye to all these wires. Tesla is probably watching us above with a smile on his face.

Tangled wires will not be a problem anymore. However, there will be some disadvantages:


1. AirPods will be difficult to find in bags or pockets.


It was easy to find the earbuds with cables.

2. We're going to lose the AirPods easily.

There will be people like that from Day 1, trust us. We're losing the earbuds with cables, these earbuds will probably disappear much more easily. It's worse if you only lose one earbud. Troublesome!

3. You can't use AirPods on the street; someone might steal them from your ear.


They're gone without you even noticing!

4. It would be expensive to buy new AirPods.


159 Dollars to be exact. You can't use a cheaper alternative as there won't be any headphone jacks.

5. Another reminder: AirPods will not come together with the iPhone 7.


You have to buy them separately.

6. These AirPods can easily fall from your ears.


Cables can stick to various places but these AirPods will not stay in your ears.

7. We used to buy new earbuds when the old ones were broken. Now, we have to go to Apple for technical support.

You can't give up on those AirPods as they are super expensive :(

8. You would have to share your earbuds more than ever.


You might not want to share your earbuds but since there are no cables you won't be able to say no easily.

9. These earbuds look a bit strange in your ears.

These earbuds look a bit strange in your ears.
These earbuds look a bit strange in your ears.

It's just like you have your own personal antennas. We'll get used to them in time.

10. People won't be able to tell whether we are listening something or not.


People will start talking to you without realizing that you're actually listening to music.

Although sometimes there are those people who easily ignore your earbuds and try to talk to you anyway.

11. We won't be able to chill while listening to music.


Do you still believe that you'll be able to listen to music happily with the worry that something will happen to those earbuds? You won't be able to walk on the street relaxed.

12. We're going to worry more about our guilty pleasures.


What if people can hear what you're actually listening to?!

13. Other companies will follow Apple's lead and all earbuds will be much more expensive from now on.


We should mention that there is a device that lets you listen with earbuds with cables.


This device will come with the iPhone 7.

However, the future of this extension cable is doubtful, as cables will turn into strange beings during this time.

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