Science Says People Taking Gym Selfies Could Be Psychos!


Research from Brunel University in London showed that people who constantly post on social media about their “healthy life” and try to display their body everywhere are more likely to have mental problems.

1. You know those poses.

You know someone like this too, right?

2. Their posts lead us to question the existence of mirrors in the gyms.


3. So researchers from London decided to conduct research on that.

4. The research was conducted with 500 Facebook users and proved their tendency to have a narcissist complex.

5. The research also states that those people have a stronger desire to get admired, compared to others.

Justin Bieber is also one of the gym poseurs. 

6. So their insistence on posting these kind of photos is explained by their high need for getting admired.

Walking adonis belt. 

7. It’s also observed that these people constantly share their nutrition habits…

Wanted salad.__.

8. The idea of “I work hard to get my body in shape and I deserve the applause” underlies these postings.

No pain, no gain: I love clichés.  

9. The researchers also emphasized the types of behaviors that have been observed during the study.

“Wow girl look at those biceps” 

Researchers expressed that; “This study focused on people’s degree of extroversion, neuroticism and acceptableness.”

10. Another finding is on relationships…

It’s been proven that those who constantly post things related to their boyfriend/girlfriend have lower self-confidence compared to the ones who don’t post like that.

11. Conclusion: We should show respect to those who work out just for themselves

Appendix A: An healthy human being working out, busy with his own thing, got his photo taken without him noticing. 

And to those who do work out just to show off, I don’t know what to say..

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