etiket Science Explains: 11 Advantages Of Having Small Breasts!!!

> Science Explains: 11 Advantages Of Having Small Breasts!!!

It's commonly accepted that larger breasts are likely to be found more attractive!

However, science indicates the opposite! Different research on the subject shows that smaller breasts have many significant advantages!

Here are 11 benefits of having small breasts!

1. You'll get more pleasure from sexual intercourse.

If we leave porn stars and Playboy magazine aside, we can claim that women with smaller breasts have an increased tendency to experience sexual pleasure.

According to research done at the University of Vienna, small breasts are 24% more sensitive than larger ones. In short, smaller breasts are more sensitive and more likely to become aroused.

Smaller breasts for increased pleasure!


2. Men who are economically independent are likely to prefer women with smaller breasts.

If you are unhappy with your small breasts, think again. The psychologists have prepared an answer for you. 

According to an article published in Psychology Today, wealthy men tend to enjoy small breasts while men who have problems with money enjoyed larger breasts.

The psychological reason behind this choice is quiet interesting! Men who have financial difficulties associate women with large breasts as being protective and nurturing. This is why they subconsciously pick women with large breasts.


3. You seem younger with smaller breasts.

1600 women from different ages and breast sizes participated in a study. This study claims that women with smaller breasts may seem 5 years younger than those who have larger breasts.


4. Women with smaller breasts don't fear that their breasts will sag one day.

Saggy breast are a big problem for most women. Although, the actual reason for sagging is not yet discovered, research was done in France about the subject. This study claims that using bras has a negative effect on the process rather than the common belief.

If we think that women with large breasts are obliged to wear bras, the chances of having saggy breasts increase.


5. Women with small breasts cast away the guys who give importance to imposed body ideals.

Science proves that men who insisted on larger breasts are sexist and shallow minded.

A research study was done at Westminster College on the subject. Men were asked to explain the reasons for choosing women with larger breasts. Many of them claimed that they see women with large breasts as easy targets.


6. These women can choose from an infinite number of bras!

One of the biggest problems of women with large breasts! If you have small breasts, you don't know anything about this problem!

7. They don't suffer from back pain caused by breasts.

It is known that women with bigger breasts are more likely to suffer from back pain caused by the weight. Another disadvantage of having big breasts is the deformation that happens around the body throughout the years.

Moreover, Dr. Marisa Weiss, the founder of, explained that large breast can cause headaches and pain around the neck.


8. Small breasts look much better!

Large breasts have a tendency to be uneven. It is believed that men are subconsciously attracted to symmetry.

9. They can wear shirts without worrying if the buttons will come together.

These women don't know the anxiety of losing the buttons of a shirt due to having large breasts. 


10. The risk of having breast cancer is lower!

If you are not already happy with your small breasts, now you have a legit reason!

In a recent interview published in Cosmopolitan, Dr. Weiss claimed that diagnosing and intervening in breast cancer is much easier with smaller breasts. 


11. Her heart is always closer to you when you hug her!

Though this feature doesn't have any scientific background, we can accept that it is a good suggestion!

When you hug a partner that has small breasts, you'll feel closer to them and their heartbeat! 

Hugging is known to have a lot of positive effects on the body! Balancing stress, uplifting the mood and adjusting the blood pressure are just some of those effects! Don't underestimate the power of a hug!